Warm Beef Tataki (Sashimi)

by Jordan Sclare


The dish
80g Beef fillet
10g Grape seed oil
10g Smoked panca dip
1g Corriander cress
10g Passion fruit salsa
1g Maldon sea salt

Smoked panca dip
100g Spanish onion
200g Aji panka paste
2g Salt
50g Hellmann's mayo

Passion fruit salsa
60g Passion fruit pulp
8g Mustard
15g Lime juice
2g Salt
20g Diced nashi pear (1cm)


To make the dish:
Season and sear the beef in a hot pan. (Note: you want it to be medium rare.)
2. Remove and allow to rest.
3. Slice the beef 2-3mm thick.
4. Line the plate with the smoked panca dip.
5. Lay the sliced beef on the top. Then season with maldon sea salt and finish with passion fruit salsa and corriander cress.

To make the smoked panca dip:
Paste together the onion and aji panca (Note: The ratio should be 1100g: 320g mayo. To make half the recipe, reduce the ratio to 550g:160g mayo and so on.)
2. Slice the onions.
3. Sweat the onions slowly until very soft, cover with a lid and allow the juices to bleed out.
4. Remove the lid and cook until golden brown. Remove from the stove.
5. Blend together the onions with the aji panca paste until smooth (2 mins on full power)
6. Cold smoke for 4hrs. Chill.
7. Add the mayonnaise.

To make the passion fruit salsa:
Mix all ingredients together (Yes, it really is that simple!)

Jordan Sclare is the Executive Chef at Chotto MatteFucina and Black Roe.

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