Lawar Bebek (Balinesian Warm Minced Duck Salad)

by Travelling Peach

40g Minced duck
50g Green papaya, chopped
50g Long green beans, cooked al denté and chopped into several pieces
40ml Coconut milk
5g Shallots, sliced
5g Garlic
5g Candlenut (Note: If you don’t have this, macadamia nuts are a good alternative)
3g Turmeric
1g Black peppercorns
2g Chilli paste
15g Ginger
1g Shrimp paste
1g Salt 
15ml Vegetable oil
5g Lime juice (Preferably from small Balinese limes. The riper and juicier the better.)
Toasted coconut shavings - To garnish

1. Grind together the garlic, candlenut, turmeric, peppercorns, chilli paste, ginger and shrimp paste using a pestle and mortar to make a spice paste.  
2. Heat a frying pan with a little oil. Add the sliced shallots. Then add the spice mix and begin to cook through. As the aromas begin to gently release, add the minced duck; shortly followed by the coconut milk. Allow to cook, whilst stirring regularly to ensure that the finished duck remains as mince. 
3. Season with salt and lime juice.
4. Transfer to a bowl and add the chopped green beans and papaya. Mix well.
5. Garnish with some toasted coconut shavings.
6. Serve.

This recipe was shown to us at a cookery class with the Head Chef at Tiigo Restaurant at Montigo Resort, Seminyak. 

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