La Fleur De Vacherin Citron

by David Bizet & Maxime Frederic


Citrus sugar (10g per portion)
100g Semolina Sugar            
2 pieces of Lemon peel                
2 pieces of Grapefruit peel            
Yellow food colouring (Use your own eye to adjust the colour. It should be a delicate lemon shade.)           

Meringue petals (40g per portion)
100g Egg whites            
100g Sugar                    
100g Icing sugar        
1/4tsp Cream of tartar                                        
Citrus sugar (prepared in step 1)                 

Fresh herb sorbet (18g per portion)
130g Milk                    
280g Water                    
80g Sugar                    
150g Lime juice            
10g Basil            
10g Mint                    
12g Tarragon                
10g Chervil                    
10g Coriander        
Super neutrose (sorbet stabiliser) (Important: Refer to the packaging instructions for quantities. Try adding 1g at a time and seeing how the mixture's consistency changes. You don’t want it too gloopy. Between 1-3g will be more than enough so keep a close eye on your mixture when adding.)        

Timut white pepper cheese mousse (40g per portion)
120g White cheese (Tip: Cream cheese, Philadelphia cheese or any natural soft white cheeses will work well.)                  
6g Yuzu Juice                
30g Egg whites    
6g Cream of tartar        
6g Dehydrated egg whites 
12g Sugar                    
75g Cream                    
1g Timut white pepper powder        

Sliced black lemon (10g per portion)
70g Butter                    
70g Olive oil                
45g Icing sugar                
3g Salt                    
1.5g Sea salt                
125g Flour
25g Starch  
2.5g Lemon powder            

Citrus jelly (20g per portion)
450g Chinese grapefruit juice        
150g Lime juice                
30g Sugar                    
130g Gelatine (rehydrated in a little warm water)
2 pieces of Lemon peel                
2 pieces of Grapefruit peel            

Other ingredients (for plating) (per portion)
2g Olive oil                
10g seeds of Lemon caviar (from the long-fingered citron fruit / Buddha's hand)        
Timut white pepper (freshly ground)             
Fresh pink grapefruit


To make the citrus sugar:
1. In a bowl, mix all the ingredients together.
2. Pour the sugar mix onto a clean baking tray and place in a low-temperature oven. Allow to dry slowly.
3. Once dry, use a fine sieve to sift the mixture, allowing the powder to pass though into a clean mixing bowl without any lumps. (Tip: If some of the powder does not pass through, you can use a spatula to apply pressure (or swirl) to help as much of it as possible to pass through the sieve.) 

To make the meringue petals: 
In a clean mixing bowl, use an electric whisk to whisk together the egg whites and cream of tartar. Add the sugar. 
2. As they begin to increase in volume, add the icing sugar to taste.
3. Cover a baking tray with non-stick baking paper. Grease very lightly with some butter.
4. Place small dots of the meringue onto the paper, ensuring that they have space between them to comfortably expand. Lightly press them down and spread with a spatula until they form the rough outline of a petal. (Tip: As a guideline, the shape and size of each dot should mimic the size of your fingertip.)
5. Sprinkle the petals with citrus sugar and, using your index finger, press lightly down on the centre of them to form delicate curved ‘petal’ shapes. 

To make the fresh herb sorbet:
In a saucepan, over a medium heat, combine the sugar, water, milk and super neutrose (stabiliser for sorbets and ice creams) to make a syrup. Stir regularly.
2. Remove from the heat and allow to cool. 
3. Add the lime juice and fresh herbs. Mix. 
4. Pour the sorbet mixture into a pacojet or sorbet/ice-cream maker and freeze.
5. Once the sorbet has formed, use a semi-dome shaped mold to cast it into half-spheres. (Note: It should make 4-5)

To make the timut white pepper cheese mousse:
 Mix together the white cheese and yuzu juice. 
2. In a separate bowl, whip the cream until it begins to increase in volume and form peaks. 
3. In a separate bowl, use an electric whisk to whisk together the egg whites, cream of tartar, dehydrated egg whites and sugar to form a meringue. 
4. Use a spatula to slowly incorporate the white cheese into the meringue. (Note: Be careful not to knock out all of the air from the meringue.)  

Start by adding a blob of the cheese and beating it in, then gently add the rest. That will loosen the mix and make it easier to incorporate the rest of the cheese into the meringue, whilst protecting the air and volume.

5. Incorporate the whipped cream. 
6. Sieve the mixture into a clean mixing bowl. Leave the mixture in the sieve overnight to drain fully.

To make the sliced black lemon:
Emulsify the butter with icing sugar, salt, sea salt and black lemon powder. Add the flour and starch mixture. Spread the dough between two sheets (3mm thick) at the rolling mill. Cut into circles (5cm in diameter) and bake at 170°C.

To make the citrus jelly:
In a bowl, dissolve the sugar with the lime and grapefruit juices, and the citrus peels. 
2. Add the dissolved gelatine and mix well. 
3. Pour into a container and allow to set.

To serve:
On the base of the plate, make a rosette of grapefruit suprèmes (6cm diameter).
2. Cut a circle of the citrus jelly using a circle metal cutter (approx. 4-5cm). Refrigerate until chilled. Then place in the centre of the plate.
3. Sprinkle the plate with lemon caviar and grind over some of the timut white pepper. (Note: 2 grinds will be more than enough).
4. Fill a piping bag with some of the timut white pepper cheese mousse. Then pipe the mousse into a ladle until it’s 3/4 full. Leave room in the middle for some fresh herb sorbet. 
5. Use a metal cutter to cut out a disc of the mousse. It should be smaller than the diameter of the ladle (approx. 4cm). Place the sorbet in the centre of the cream in the ladle. Press down until it’s flush with the mousse.
6. Arrange a black lemon sander over the top, then smooth the edges of the mousse over the filling. 
7. Heat the outside of the ladle slightly using a blowtorch to loosen the mousse. Then use a spatula to unmould the dome and place on the plate on top of the citrus jelly. (Flat side down.)
8. Arrange the meringue petals on the cheese dome, spiralling them around it to make a beautiful flower. (This takes some time and delicacy but the finished effect is more than worth it.) 
9. Sprinkle with some more citrus sugar and add some drops of the olive oil delicately around the plate. Et voila! La Fleur De Vacherin Citron.

Maxime Frederic is the protégé of world-renowned chef, David Bizet, alongside whom he works as Head Pâtissier at the award-winning L’Orangerie restaurant, Paris. 

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