Raspberry Pistachio Tartlet

by Vito Mollica


Shortcrust pastry
60g Butter
25g Icing sugar
0.5g Maldon salt
60g Petra 5 flour

Raspberry gel    
30g Raspberry purée
1g Sugar
0.2g Agar-agar

Pistachio cream
35g Whole pistachios
40g Sparkling water
0.2g Maldon salt

Creamy pistachio spheres
35g Milk 
2g Glucose
6g Gelatine 
60g White chocolate
40g Cream
15g Pistachio paste
7g Extra virgin olive oil

Crème patissiere
Fresh raspberries 


To make the short crust pastry:
Mix together the butter, icing sugar and Maldon salt. 
2. Sift and add 60g Petra 5 flour.
3. Leave in the fridge to firm.
4. Roll and stretch until 8mm thick
5. Cut into disc shapes using cutters. 
6. Place in a Yorkshire pudding baking tray and mould the pastry around the edges to create mini pie crusts.
7. Pre-heat oven to 170°C. Bake for 10mins. Leave too cool.

To make the raspberry gel:
In a pan, add the raspberry purée, agar-agar and sugar. Bring to a boil, stirring regularly.
2. Leave in the fridge to set.
3. Once jellification occurs, stir and sieve.

To make the pistachio cream:
Blend together the pistachios, sparkling water and Maldon salt until a smooth consistency.
2. Freeze and put in the pacojet. 

To make the creamy pistachio spheres:
In a pan, warm the milk and glucose.
2. Add the gelatine.
3. As it emulsifies, add the white chocolate, cream, pistachio paste and extra virgin olive oil.
4. Leave to emulsify. Take off the heat and cool.
5. Smooth the mixture around sphere shaped rubber moulds. Freeze.

To serve:    
Fill the pastry case with crème patisserie and garnish with the fresh raspberries and chocolate decoration.

Vito Mollica is the Executive Chef at The Four Seasons Hotels in Milan and Firenze.

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