Mont Blanc Alle Castagne

by Vito Mollica


Orange sauce
5g Butter
50g Fresh oranges
20g Candied oranges

Mont Blanc
75g Steamed cooked chestnuts
8g Rum
35g Milk
5g Sugar

20g Steamed cooked chestnuts
8g Cream
4g Chestnuts in syrup

White chocolate solution
40g White chocolate
30g Cocoa butter
0.4g Titanium bioxide  


To make the orange sauce:
1. In a pan, melt the butter.
2. Once warm, add the fresh oranges and cook for 2mins.
3. Stir in the candied oranges.
4. Sieve.

To make the Mont Blanc:    
Mix and sieve together the chestnuts, rum, milk and sugar.
2. Fill semi-sphere shaped silicone moulds with the mixture, smoothing over. Freeze. 
3. Once frozen, remove from the freezer and dip them in the white chocolate solution.

To make the vermicelli:    
Mix together the steamed cooked chestnuts, cream and chestnuts in syrup. 
2. Pass through a sieve. 

To make the white chocolate solution: 
 Melt together the white chocolate, cocoa butter and titanium bioxide. Stir regularly.

To serve:    
Finish the Mont Blanc by garnishing with vermicelli and a piece of candied chestnut.

Vito Mollica is the Executive Chef at The Four Seasons Hotels in Milan and Firenze.

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