by Simone Zanoni

Simone says ‘Tiramisu is something that everybody remembers eating throughout their life. I still remember eating it at 3 years old – it’s quite common and everybody knows what tiramisu is but to make a delicious traditional tiramisu and elevate it to a different level through different techniques and presentation but ensure that, when you close your eyes, you still taste that iconic tiramisu flavour, that’s something quite special. That’s what we’ve done with this dish so enjoy!’


Tiramisu biscuit
130g Egg yolks 
80g Semolina sugar 
240g Egg whites 
80g Semolina sugar 
80g Flour 
80g Starch
Edible gold powder (to decorate, optional)
Cocoa powder (to decorate, optional)

Coffee punch
150g Water 
15g Syrup (heated to 30°C)
6g Nescafé 
210g Espresso 
90g Amaretto 

Tiramisu mousse
40g Egg yolk 
54g Sugar 
180g Mascarpone 
2 leaves of Gelatine, soaked in water 
240g Cream 


To make the biscuit: 
Beat together the yolks and 80g sugar using a whisk. Then gradually incorporate the rest of the sugar. Continue to beat until fully incorporated.
2. In a separate bowl, whisk together the egg whites, until they become light and fluffy.
3. Gently combine the first two mixes using a rubber spatula. Be careful not to knock all of the air out of the egg whites.
4. Then gradually incorporate the flour and starch. Be careful not to 'drop' the biscuit (i.e. knock all of the air/volume out of it).
5. Preheat the oven to 180°C. Line a baking tray with baking paper. 
6. Pour the mixture out onto the tray. Cook for for 7mins, then remove and allow to cool at room temperature.
7. Use a rectangular cutter to cut shapes from the biscuit. (You’ll need 2 rectangles per portion.)

To make the coffee punch:
Pour all of the ingredients into a mixing bowl.
2. Stir together to make the punch.

To make the mousse:
In a Kitchen Aid mixer, mix together the egg yolks and sugar.
2. Add the mascarpone and two leaves of gelatine (rehydrated and melted). Combine.
3. Turn off the mixer.
4. In a separate bowl, whip the cream. 
5. Use the maryse (rubber spatula) to gently fold the whipped cream into the other mixture.  

To serve:    
Place one of the biscuits on the plate. Pipe on a later of the cream and drizzle with the coffee punch. Repeat the process.
2. Top with the second biscuit. 
3. Sprinkle with cocoa powder and edible gold powder. 

Alternatively, why not make your tiramisu in a glass...
Simply alternate layers of biscuit with layers of cream; each time remembering to soak the biscuit with the coffee punch for that sumptuous coffee liquor taste.
2. Rest in the fridge for 12hrs to allow the flavours to infuse.
3. Sprinkle with cocoa powder and edible gold powder and serve. 

Simone Zanoni is the Executive Chef at Le George restaurant in the Four Seasons George V Hotel, Paris. 

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