Citrus Fruits From Michel Bachès with Rice Pudding & Amaro Granita

by Romain Meder

Romain says ‘If you’re looking for a zingy and vibrant dessert that sings on the palate but also has that warming, home-comfort feel, this is it.’

‘The citrus fruit is deliciously fruity and bursting with flavour and the warm rice pudding is sumptuous and comforting. It really is a lovely combination. We’ve used mandarins and kalamansi in this recipe but you can use any citrus fruits you like... oranges, grapefruit, pomello. The choices are endless.’


Corsican mandarin & kalamansi marmalade
650g Mandarins from Corsica
100g Kalamansi
200g Sugar            

100g Lemon juice
100g Kalamansi juice
20g Sugar
8g Pectin

Rice bran reduced citrus sauce
300ml Mandarin juice
150ml Kalamansi juice
140ml Grapefruit juice
40g Rice bran
90g Mandarin-kalamansi marmalade

Granita spritz
110ml Champagne
500ml Bitters 
250ml Lemon juice
150g Gelatine mass

Mandarin topping
500ml Mandarin juice
10g Pectin
10g Sugar

Candied citron fruit
Citron fruit segments
500ml Water
400g Sugar
100ml Lemon juice

Candied kumquats
500ml Water
400g Sugar

Citron fruit & Buddha’s hand
Citron fruit and Buddha’s hand, finely sliced 
200ml Water
100g Sugar
100g Lemon juice

Rice pudding
580ml Full fat milk
25g Dry rice 
25g Rice germ
20g Egg yolks
A pinch of salt


To make the Corsican mandarin & kalamansi marmalade:
Cut the mandarins and kalamansi into segments, carefully removing the seeds.
2. Add 200g of sugar and the juices to a saucepan and simmer.
3. When the mixture has a compote-like consistency, add the remaining 20g of sugar and pectin to the mixture. Boil for 5mins and then remove from the heat.
4. Leave to set at room temperature.

To make the rice bran reduced citrus sauce:
 Reduce the mandarin, kalamansi and grapefruit juice in a saucepan until it reaches a sticky consistency and the water has evaporated.
2. Mix together the rice bran and reduced citrus juice. Bring to a boil.
3. Cool. Then stir in the marmalade.

To make the granita spritz:
Gently heat the lemon juice and add the melted gelatine mass. 
2. Stir in the bitters and champagne. Then pour the mixture into a baking tray and freeze. 
3. Once frozen, scrape the contents with a fork to create a granita.

To make the mandarin topping:
In a saucepan, heat the juice to 40°C and add the sugar and pectin mixture. 
2. Boil until a smooth and thick consistency is reached, then remove from heat.

To make the candied citron fruit:
Place all of the ingredients into plastic vacuum bags. Candy in a water bath for 3hrs at 70°C.

To make the candied kumquats:
Place all of the ingredients into plastic vacuum bags. Candy in a water bath for 3hrs at 70°C.

To make the citron fruit & Buddha’s hand:
 In a saucepan, cook the water, sugar and lemon over a medium heat until it forms a hot syrup.
2. Add the citron and Buddha’s hand. Stir, then transfer into plastic vacuum bags. 
3. Candy in a water bath for 3hrs at 70°C.

To make the rice pudding:
Cook the rice in salted boiling water for a few minutes. 
2. Drain the water. Then cook the rice in the milk. 
3. Stir in the egg yolks. Then transfer the rice to an ovenproof serving dish and bake for 5mins at 180°C.

Romain Meder is the Executive Chef at Alain Ducasse Au Plaza Athénée, Paris, which holds 3 Michelin stars. 

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