Crab Meat with Winter Radishes & Turmeric Oil

by Amandine Chaignot

Amandine says ‘Oh the flavour of this crab is delicious. Fresh, vibrant, perfect for lunch with friends in the Spring-Summer. It’s served with an amazing citrus fruit that looks like a hand with long fingers and, when you cut them open and pop out the beaded fruits ‘citrus caviar’, they’re full of the most zingy, vibrant flavours you can imagine. Really, really delicious, and they compliment the sweet flavours of the fresh crab meat and vegetables perfectly. We also use some winter radishes and a bit of turmeric oil so the dish has a lovely balance between acidity, sweetness and the fresh, meatiness of the crab.’

2 Beautiful crabs
1 Fingered citron (Buddha’s hand) (Tip: If you need to, you can also use cedrat or lemon instead.)
300g Winter radishes (mix of red and green)
50g Turmeric
150g Olive oil
150g Sugar
Salt and pepper
Cress - to decorate

1. Mix together the turmeric and olive oil. Set aside.
2. Cook the crab in boiling salted water for 20mins. Allow to cool and prepare the crab meat.
3. Thinly slice the lemon and blanch in water (start in cold water and gradually increase the temperature). Cook for 20mins in a mixture of 500g water and 150g sugar, with very little stirring. 
4, To plate the dish, first place the crab meat. Then finely grate the radishes on to the dish using a mandolin.
5. Add a drizzle of the lemon and turmeric oil. Finish with salt, pepper and cress. 

Serves 4

Amandine Chaignot is the Executive Chef at The Mirror Room restaurant in Rosewood London Hotel. 

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