Brex-IT, Brex-WHAT. When Did Our Political Decisions Start Holding The Substance Of Reality TV?

by Bill Newton

I notice this week that Julian Dunkerton, the co-founder of Superdry, has pledged £1million to support a referendum on the Brexit deal, which got me thinking, how did we get here?

Well as I remember David Cameron, remember him, promised all us common folk a vote on leaving the EU, assuming it would breeze through as a ‘yes.’ I assume that’s why there were no plans in place for the ‘no’ vote, he presumably did not expect the poke in the eye from the 2 million mandate holders who had never voted before, and will probably never vote again, job done. Britain great again, borders locked down and all the invading hordes driven out, millions back in our pockets, none of which was ever on the table in truth.

What idiot decided that a simple yes or no question was acceptable on such a complex matter? We have been in the EEC for 40 years, how are you going to unwind that on a whim? Maybe Theresa May will be better advised on the second vote, which will surely come, and we can be as confused and misinformed on that one and vote with our prejudices again.

It seems to me that we were lied to on a never before seen scale, from the £350million a week for the NHS to border control to take back our country etc., not to mention the government’s doom and disaster predictions. The people who suffered in the immediate aftermath were those whose bottom line was reduced by the drop in the £ value to the tune of 20%. Well done leavers!

As I said, we have been in the EEC for 40 years, why would you think you could just leave? Whenever have you voted for something with no idea of what it really was, what it meant and how it would affect you? The worst thing: we still don’t know the answers. Amongst all of the latest prognostications of doom and disaster, apparently leaving will make it harder to fight disease say the NHS bosses, and civil unrest and food shortages will happen along with plagues of locusts and rats presumably. I smell a conspiracy to get a second vote here. A bit of fear never hurt anyone, after all I don’t remember being told about hard borders, a £40 billion divorce bill or the continued free movement of people, but I do remember being told none of this would be the case.

‘Politicians explain. Clearly. Decide.’

I know when Maggie, god rest her soul, took us into Europe it was as an economic community for the benefit of trade not a Federal Europe, but I cannot see that a return to flag waving and restriction on our ability to trade with the biggest market in the world is a benefit to us; times change and so should we.

So I wonder what Brexit means now - apart from Brexit Theresa, whatever that meant! As I understand it, it comes down to three main things: what happens to the NI border, what happens to UK citizens in Europe and vice versa, and the cost of the divorce bill. Is that it, all this for that? Apparently there will be a 21 month “transition period” after the deadline when basically nothing changes whilst we all get used to nothing happening I guess. It’s like having a meeting to decide when you will have a meeting.

I wonder if we will all get so fed up with the never ending saga as our attention wonders to who will be King or Queen of the Jungle, who will be on Strictly, Big Brother… don’t get me started on that appalling indictment of society… who’s bonking who on whatever island and we all forget about it and it never really happens apart from in name only.

We have had resignations, appointments, summits, meetings and the sound of political axes being ground is positively deafening. Lurking in the background waiting to pounce are Boris and Rees-Mogg should Theresa falter.

It’s a mess: the Commons and the Lords have a vote on the withdrawal treaty, MPs could reject the deal; I don’t remember that being part of the referendum, and if they do what happens then? Presumably there will be opportunities for advancement amongst the inevitable casualties. Who knows, who cares? Will England win the RWC 19, will Hardeep win Big Brother, we can only hope for the best and prepare for the worst, whatever that may be.

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