Gun Violence: Who Is To Blame?

by Vince Jeevar

The sad reality of the online world is that satire is often at the cutting edge of truth.

The Daily Show on Comedy Central used to have the tagline of “Where more Americans get their news than probably should.” And they were right. Years later, satire remains a leading source of accurate observation, if not facts.

After the latest mass-shootings in the US, The Babylon Bee, a Christian satire site, posted a story using this graph illustrating the leading causes of gun violence. Sadly, this has been the prevailing opinion on social media. The “other side” is to blame. If it’s not the other side, it’s gun laws (where Chicago, with the strictest laws in the US sees around 50 shootings every weekend), or mental illness (which means approximately 40% of the country is ready to go on a killing spree at any time). It’s all smoke and mirrors to avoid the real cause.

So, what is the real cause?

President Trump for calling immigrants an infestation? The media who pick up on key words such as “infest”,  firing up the leftist base, failing to mention that he was talking about MS-13, a gang who hack people to death with machetes and have a mission to “kill, rape, and control.” Is it Trump supporters, who, according to many liberals on social media are all white supremacists? Surely it must be guns? Mental illness? Video games? Divisive politicians?

The truth: It’s me. I am the problem. Of course, I didn’t do it on my own. You helped me.

“But I don’t even own a gun. This is nothing to do with me. I even want the NRA designated as a terror group”, you say. I don’t have a gun either, but, again, this is focusing on the wrong part of the problem. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Regularly, with guns. We need people control, not gun control. More accurately, culture control.

According to Peterson and Densley, there are 4 common traits among mass-shooters:

1. CHILDHOOD TRAUMA. It may seem like we can’t do much about this, and that how people raise their children is none of our business, but we can. To raise healthy, happy children, it takes a village. Community. Support. Nurturing this culture will help everybody, and have rippling positive effects.

2. CRISIS. We all experience it from time to time. Why do some people go off the deep end and become violent? It’s because they needed help and support. They needed me, and they needed you.

3. A NEED TO VALIDATE THEIR ANGER. We have sports personalities who refuse to stand for the anthem, celebrities who consistently threaten (but never follow through) to move to Canada if the politician they support loses. (I’m not sure why they don’t choose Mexico, most of them live in California, and Mexico would be a lot easier to get to than Canada.) In a nutshell, we’re lost with no identity. It’s easy to find something to be angry at; you just have to turn on the TV and your anger is validated.

4. WEAPONS. This speaks for itself, but while both parties are busy pointing fingers at each other, they should remember that since the Columbine School shooting in 1999 both have had a majority House and Senate. Both could have changed things. Neither have.

Consequently, there are lost and angry people who look for other lost and angry people to validate their feelings. Where are the people to help and support them, to bring hope?

One word arises time and again from the people who know mass-shooters. It’s not “angry”, “mentally ill”, “murderous”, “unstable”, or “gun-loving.” These are the words the media adds afterwards. It’s “loner.”

Who creates loners? Society does. The media, politics and other authorities push people to the outside. Undoubtedly, the situation is made worse by political correctness – we have to include everyone in a system that excludes everyone. It doesn’t work. As long as every idea is allowed as much validity as the next, these people will continue to drift along without a secure identity or purpose; a reason to feel like they belong. The next step: radicalization.

The honest truth is that we are all to blame.  It’s not up to politicians to change our behaviours, if we want change, it has to start with us. If we can do that, there is hope. We can stop gun crime.


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