Valentine's Day: Not Just A Time For Couples. Treat Yourself

by Stephanie Conroy

Valentine's Day is coming up and it is okay to not have a date, and it is okay to spend that time alone. It seems, at times, that everyone has a somebody, but that is certainly not true. A lot of people are single and okay with that, especially if you are healing from narcissistic abuse, as I am.

On Valentine's Day, I think it is a good idea to just stay home. It is so hard to get in anywhere without a ridiculous line, and it really isn't fun to watch people make eyes at each other across their tables. Maybe find a really good movie on Netflix, or Hulu, or whatever, and indulge in that. Make sure you are doing this for you, something you have been wanting to see and have set aside. Maybe order a pizza or use a food delivery service. Make it something you enjoy, something you do not have all the time. This is your treat.

Give yourself a facial, if you like that kind of thing. Try a new facemask, or even try making one from scratch. This is your time.

It is okay to have a glass of wine alone. I do this a lot. Usually I pick up a good cheese, and I indulge. This is a great pick me up too.

Pick up on an old hobby. I like to pick up a good horror book or some cryptograms when I need some ‘me time.’ There is so much you can do for you that you have probably neglected. Take this day to love yourself. The other kind of love can come along later.

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