THE FULL STATEMENT: Aaron “J0k3r” Gomez Vs Team Flash

by Stel Stylianou

When I joined Team Flash, I was asked what my goals were in eSports, but it must have just been a formality since almost NOTHING was done to help me achieve them.

I joined Team Flash on a 1-year contract – a really naive decision by me looking back, but it was my first time ever joining a contract-based team, a great opportunity to start my career in eSports. Initially, there was hype. I was representing my country for the EACC tournament in China and a lot of media coverage and promotion was arranged.

I asked them many times for the team’s official jersey… for 1 year!!... and NEVER received it until the LAST day of my contract. Even then, I was given a 'prototype' jersey. No other Team Flash member wore that for the international tournament. They made so many excuses. I also never had an official photoshoot with the team. According to Terence, it’s because I’m in Malaysia and it’s hard to do things in Malaysia. I don’t understand how that’s my fault. He or the team should have considered that before signing me. They just signed me because I had qualified for that particular international tournament. From a business point of view I understand why they did it, but as a player it sucks.

For a long time, I wasn’t offered any type of support financially or equipment to enhance my training. When I told him that my PC was giving lots of problems, he finally arranged for Orange eSports to lend me a ’rented’ PC with very minimal specs to play the game. Again, it wasn’t ideal for my training but I had to settle with it as that’s all Team Flash could offer me. Every tournament, I travelled across Malaysia to compete with them, putting in the effort and using my own money, but I HAD to wear that one 'prototype' jersey every time. It was straight up free promotion for Team Flash. Just a reminder: that’s all they gave me in a year.

When it came to forming teams for tournaments I had to constantly look for teammates, as Team Flash didn’t provide me with any help whatsoever to form a team. In conclusion, I was in the team but NOT in the team.

When I finally decided it was time to speak up to Terence, he offered me a minimum allowance for the last 2 months of my contract. It wasn’t even enough to cover my travel costs to tournaments.

I went through so many more things that year; it basically ended my career in eSports. I always wanted to succeed in eSports and prove to people that it can be a career, but in the end this has just proven that as long as teams like this exist, it’s going to be hard.

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