Beauty Secrets: The Best Smudge-Proof (Summer-Proof!) Make-Up

by Selen Hurer

Rushing around in the summer heat, sun beaming down on you, it can be difficult to keep that flawless looking complexion. It’s not just a case of hoping the make-up lasts without having to re-apply too frequently like in the winter; summer brings a whole host of its own problems. Smudging, melting, an ‘attractive’ sweaty glow, redness and more can all leave us looking like a child playing with a make-up box; a stream of colours and dashes running down our face. But it is avoidable – and no, that doesn’t mean constantly looking in the mirror, checking and re-applying in some crazed, complicated routine (as much as some ‘beauty experts’ and journalists would have you believe!), or that you have to avoid wearing it completely.

It’s summer. You want to have fun, go outdoors, sunbathe, get active with friends, cycling, swimming and more. And why shouldn’t you. Here’s how to achieve long-lasting, flawless make-up easily and whatever the weather.


Forget brow pencils, pomades and powders. Not only are they hard to apply, but they can look unnatural and, in the summer heat, don’t last throughout the day.

Wunderbrow (Available in 5 shades / £26.90). Its genius formula contains a blend of hair-like fibres combined with pigments designed to fasten onto skin and hair. Specially infused into a Permafix Gel, it creates a flexible matrix, locking the natural colour and fibres onto your brows, but, even better, it leaves them water-proof, transfer-proof and smudge-proof…. and one application can last several days!


Nobody wants panda eyes, but so many so-called ‘water-proof’ mascaras give you just that.

SportFX Sport Stamina Mascara (£7.99). I love it. Not only does it care for your lashes, it’s also smudge-proof and water-proof. Plus, containing nourishing mango butter, coconut oil and sweet almond oil, it leaves the lashes longer and fuller, whilst the vitamin- and anti-oxidant- rich complex ensures the delicate eye area is protected. 


Keep your base on all day with Urban Decay’s All Nighter Pollution Protection Setting Spray (£26). Not only will this magic spray keep your make-up on for up to 16 hours, but it will help protect against oxidation (faster signs of ageing!) due to pollution. It’s also weightless and doesn’t leave a sticky residue, keeping your make-up looking fresh all day. No melting! No fading! No settling into fine lines!


Worried about redness, blemishes or discoloration? Try Kat Von D's Lock-It Foundation (Available in 30 shades / £27). This highly pigmented foundation provides buildable yet flawless coverage that stays water-proof, fade-proof and transfer-resistant for 24 hours, no touch-ups necessary. You only need a pea-sized amount; a little goes a long way.

For a smooth, even and ‘secure’ application, always ensure your skin is prepped, smoothed and well-hydrated before applying any products.


Keep your shadow on all day with Smashbox’s Photo Finish 24-Hour Shadow Primer (£20). This is by far the best eye primer I’ve tried. I can’t apply eye make-up without it! Whatever the weather, it will keep your eyeshadow / concealer perfectly locked for up to 24 hours. No fading, creasing or smudging! It’s sweat- and humidity-resistant too. An absolute must have!

Apply a thin layer to bare lids. Wait 30 secs, then apply shadow. Do not use under the eye area.


Want to add a touch of colour to the lips, but don’t want it smeared all over your face? We all know what happens to lipsticks in the summer… unless stored in the fridge and kept there, they melt, smudge, move… everywhere except where you want them to. Not exactly kissable, let alone attractive!

Moving around in the sunshine all day, that’s just not practical, but as to creating the perfect smudge-free lips, I have a solution. Opt for a lip stain rather than a lipstick or gloss.

I love Dior Addict Lip Tattoo (£25). The colour holds up to 10 hours, locking to the lips like a tattoo just seconds after application without feeling dry. It feels great too, giving you comfortable soft lips, with a weightless "no transfer" finish.

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