Choosing The Right Sports Bra

by Travelling Peach

Forget boob jobs, padded bras and how your breasts look whilst you’re working out; when you’re exercising, you want to get hot, sweaty and feel the workout taking effect. Feel those muscles tone… that fat burn... all the happy endorphins making you feel fabulous. The important thing to remember is that you’re working out to look and feel great outside of the gym so, with that in mind, it’s so important to remember to wear the right sports bra to protect your breasts.

‘Your breasts are made from fat and tissue, there are no muscles or ligaments to support them so, if you don’t provide them with the right support using the right sports bra, the rest of your body might look great but you can cause long-term damage to your breasts… even causing them to reduce in fullness or sag. Nobody wants that.’ says leading Cosmetic Surgeon, Mark Ho Asjoe from The London Clinic.

Here are the best sports bras to protect different sized breasts in different types of workout. (Remember: Different types of workout involve different impact activities so you need to change your sports bra accordingly. You wouldn’t wear your ballet shoes out running now, would you?!)

High Impact Activities (e.g. running, cross training, HIIT, aerobics and dance) 

Nike Pro Rival (£45)
This bra is has been designed with an elastic chest band and moulded underwire-free cups, meaning that it will fit comfortably against your skin and dramatically reduce the impact of bounce. It’s perfect for women participating in high impact activities and women with larger breasts (C+).

Note: Reducing bounce is very important for maintaining firm, shapely breasts long-term. The less your breasts move during exercise, the more protected they are from tissue and skin damage (i.e. leading to sagging, stretch marks etc.) caused by the ‘shock.’

Medium Impact Activities (e.g. cycling, spin class and NTC strength workouts)

Nike Classic Padded (£28)
This sports bra has been designed with a brush chest band and strap stabilisers to offer a flush, comfortable fit and minimize bounce. The racer-back and compression provide support and enable a full range of motion during your workout; and the DRI-FIT technology in the fabric helps to keep you dry and minimize skin irritation. This is suitable for all bust sizes but is especially good for providing support to C+ cups.

Low Impact, High Energy Activities (e.g. power walking, weight training, yoga and pilates)

Nike Pro Indy (£25)
This light-weight sports bra provides light support when working out. It’s made from ultra soft DRI-FIT jersey fabric and has a mesh racer-back to keep you cool, dry and comfortable; with thin, adjustable straps for a perfect fit. It can be worn casually or for working out. Suitable for smaller bust sizes, up to a C cup.


Or, Fabletics Tribal Knot Sports Bra (£9 reduced from £26) and Fabletics Dash Sports Bra (£9 reduced from £26)


Did you know… Over 70% of women are currently wearing a badly fitting sports bra?

4 Tips To Check Your Sports Bra Is Supporting You

1. Jump up and down 10 times. 
Whilst jumping, are your breasts moving around a lot? After stopping, are your breasts still moving? If you’ve answered 'Yes', you definitely need a new sports bra. This one is no longer supporting you or absorbing the impact of the exercise before it reaches your breasts. 

2. Pull the top of your straps up towards your ears. 
How high can they stretch? If it’s more than 1 inch, you’ll definitely need to tighten them or, if they’re already as tight as they can go, invest in a new sports bra. 

3. Do your breasts feel sore during or after your workout? 
If yes, either the bra is too tight or small, in which case investing in a larger sized bra should help; or the bra is not supportive enough, in which case you should be re-fitted to check your current size and also check that the impact recommendation of your bra matches the level of impact in your exercise regime.

4. Does the waist band fit snuggly against your skin without riding up or digging in?
Just like with a normal bra, the elasticated band under your bust should fit evenly around your waist (i.e. it shouldn’t be too lose or ride up) and support your breasts, boosting them and offering support to hold them in place. (You don’t want them to be too squashed or hanging low.) Make sure it isn’t too tight though as this can lead to bulging, discomfort, chaffing, rashes and skin irritation.


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