Do I Really Need Surgery? An Unbiased Cross-comparison With 3 Of The World’s Best Plastic Surgeons

by Travelling Peach

Everybody wants to look their best… youthful glowing skin; glossy hair; a fabulously white smile and perky, toned body… it’s natural. However, as much as we’d hope that the age-old saying of ‘prevention is better than cure’ will work, unfortunately, sometimes the stress of high-powered jobs, relationships and more mean that skin creams, non-invasive treatments and healthy living alone won’t work and we need a little bit of ‘magic’ to help us achieve the desired look. But how do you decide which, if any, surgery you actually need? And who can you trust to give you honest advice, not only medically but ethically and aesthetically?

Under the pressure of celebrities, the media and so-called Instagram ‘models’ – many of whom unjustly subliminally advocate substantial quantities of surgery (even if they say they don’t!) and who, actually, don’t look as ‘filter-perfect’ in the flesh as they do online – it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that we need to do the same… but we don’t.

Speaking to some of the top (and most ethical) plastic and aesthetic surgeons, it’s been refreshing to see how they don’t advocate ‘unnatural’ looking surgery just for the money. Instead, they give an honest, impressively unbiased opinion and are even willing to turn them down as patients if they don’t think the surgery is appropriate. Moreover they believe that the sign of good surgery is when people don’t realize you’ve had it. ‘The best form of surgery is one that gives you natural looking results. The best compliment is when you can be on a beach and people think ‘Wow! She looks great!’ but they’d never guess you’d had a little help to achieve it’ says leading Consultant Plastic Surgeon Dr. Patrick Mallucci, Cadogan Clinic. And Harley Street Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dan Marsh agrees ‘What many people don’t realize is that most women come to me after having children, menopause, weight loss or breast changes caused by high-impact exercise. They look after themselves, dress well, are fit and healthy, and they just want something to perk them up a little bit. Not massive changes, but subtle restoration. Surgery isn’t about trying to be somebody else or changing yourself to look ‘different’, it’s about being the best you, you can be.’

Here are three interviews, all about breast surgery and all asking exactly the same questions to 3 of the world’s best cosmetic surgeons and scarring specialists: Dr. Raj Ragoowansi, Dr. Dan Marsh and Dr. Patrick Mallucci, but yeilding some very different answers. Unbiased advice, cross-comparisons and the closest you’ll get to being in three very exclusive, very frank consultations without having to be in them yourself.

1. TP TALKS TO… Dr. Patrick Mallucci About Breast Surgery

2. TP TALKS TO… Dr. Raj Ragoowansi About Breast Surgery

3. TP TALKS TO… Dr. Dan Marsh About Breast Surgery


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