The Best Creams & Treatments To Banish Cellulite For Good

by Travelling Peach

As you get older, it’s more important than ever to exercise, eat well, drink lots of water, sleep well and moisturize… anything to keep toned, nourished and radiant looking skin. But, for many women, whether you’re aged 23 of 53 and whatever you’ve tried, one day you look down and ‘DAMN! It got me… Cellulite.’ We all know the feeling and, whatever all of the marketing companies and so-called ‘experts’ tell you, the only way to know what actually works is through recommendation.

Over the past 8 years, I’ve worked with some of the world’s best health and fitness experts. You name them… doctors, dermatologists, dieticians, personal trainers, beauty therapists and more; so I can tell what (and who!) really achieves great results and who, let’s just say, can’t!

Here are our top cellulite busting treatments. We’re looking for results; things you can do long-term that have no side effects or unnatural ingredients, are accessible to everybody and, importantly, that actually work. 


1. Algotherm Gel Thermo Réducteur (€42) 

This heating gel is brilliant for contouring the skin. It targets cellulite, visibly smoothing it (even on stubborn patches) and reducing its volume. Use regularly for suppler, smoother skin with a more toned silhouette.
For maximum effects, follow-up the Thermo Réducteur treatment with one of these firming creams or oils:

2. Algotherm Silky Tightening Cream (€38) 

This cream contours the body by targeting areas affected by skin sagging and leaves the skin feeling noticeably more supple and firm. Great for the bust, thighs, bum and upper arms.

3. Algotherm Restructuring Oil (€41) 

This product helps to smooth the skin's surface and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and marks left by cellulite as they begin to disappear. It’s very effective and, importantly, it hydrates the skin, preserving its elasticity and suppleness. (Note: Not all products do this so it’s a major advantage of this one as it prevents premature aging and dehydrated skin.)


I’m always a skeptic but these 3 spa treatments actually work miracles. Whether it’s the beauty therapists’ firm and experienced techniques, the pressure or the whole treatments themselves; whatever it is, both treatments left my skin feeling firmer, smoother and more nourished; my stomach visibly flatter; and my thighs and bum noticeably firmer and perkier. The results were almost instant and lasted over 2 weeks. 

1. Anti-Cellulite Massage at The Spa at The Four Seasons George V Hotel, Paris (50 mins / €210)
This massage has been designed with palpé roulé techniques. These use a combination of firm manual massaging techniques and firming, detoxifying lotions to eliminate any toxins that may be causing cellulite and water retention. The treatment successfully leaves the skin feeling firmer, smoother and with beautifully slim and profound contours. Having tried the treatment, I was extremely impressed. My body looked and felt amazing. Furthermore, the highly experienced masseuse, Elin, made me feel comfortable throughout the treatment and I was very impressed by her in-depth knowledge of the products and the body in general. A great example of this was her knowledge of how to improve the body’s organ function by sensitively applying pressure on various points on your stomach to encourage better lymphatic drainage and health. This takes effect for several hours, and in the days, following the treatment and is certainly effective in ensuring that you receive the maximum benefits from the treatment, even after you leave. Very impressive!

2. Silhouette Treatment at iSpa by Algotherm at The Intercontinental Paris Le Grand Hotel (75mins / €140)
This treatment is definitely worth trying once, if not on a regular basis. It’s relaxing, revitalizes your body and the very firm pressure and wide variety of massage, rolling, cupping and pounding techniques, combined with the firming heat mud wrap will certainly release any muscle tension, stress or toxins from your body. Moreover, your skin will feel smoother, more nourished and any cellulite will appear noticeably reduced. My skin instantly felt firmer, the contours of my body more pronounced and I felt slimmer and curvier. My bum, thighs and stomach particularly benefitted. They felt more toned and perky in all the right places. 

Prior to the treatment, I wasn’t sure how long the effects would last but I was pleasantly surprised by how long they lasted. It was at least 2 weeks so, if you received the treatment regularly and complimented it with specific toning exercises and creams to maintain the effects, it’s easy to see why the treatment is so popular amongst the models at Paris Fashion Week, A-List celebrities and many more people looking for natural ways to achieve a stunning body. I was impressed to see that it’s not just celebrities like J-Lo who can achieve fantastic bodies that look even better as they age; nor do you need surgery. This treatment is affordable and, if it has this effect on me, imagine what it can do for you.

3. Body Firming Treatment at Hotel Bonsol, Mallorca (90mins / €90)
Don’t be perturbed by the dated website. This firming treatment is simply amazing and the masseuse is one of the most talented people in massage of the whole body - particularly reflexology of the feet and instinctively enforcing pressure on specific points in your body to release any muscle tension and encourage the body to function better. This encourages everything from collagen production to create fuller, more youthful looking skin; to improving lymphatic drainage to release the toxins from your body, reducing water retention and leaving the skin feeling firmer, smoother and more nourished than ever. She really is one of the best masseuses we’ve visited and the effects are not only impressive but also long lasting. 

The treatment involves a variety of body-firming massages and mud wraps to purify the skin, removing the toxins and leaving it feeling firmer, smoother and suppler than it has in ages. You’ll leave feeling revitalized and glowing - mentally, physically and in your general wellbeing.

(Note 1: The therapists advise that the recommended frequency of treatments will vary depending on individual body types, the severity of the cellulite and the pressure that you request for your treatment. Firm is best but may result in temporary light bruising so, if you are going to have them before a special occasion, allow 2-3 days for the bruising to disappear.)

(Note 2: For maximum effects, they recommend having the treatment once a fortnight for the first 4 sessions and then reducing the frequency to once every few months.)

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