The 6 Best Kidney Cleansing Drinks

by Travelling Peach

‘The kidneys are major detoxifying organs. Not only are they responsible for removing toxins and facilitating digestion, but they help to balance body fluids and are vital for creating healthy urine, among other processes. Poorly functioning kidneys can result in symptoms such as bloating (backed up toxins and waste impair function); fatigue (difficulty processing certain foods may limit your ability to absorb nutrients and convert food into energy); bladder problems; skin problems (breakouts, rashes, acne and eczema); and hormonal imbalances.'

Here are 6 of the best kidney cleansing drinks. They’re simple to make and only requite a few ingredients, plus unlike other detox recipes, these actually taste good.

Method: Roughly chop 1/2 fresh watermelon (inc. rind and seeds). Peel and cube 1 lime. Juice. If you prefer it looser, replace some of the watermelon with fresh coconut water.
Benefits: Watermelon is fantastic for cleansing the whole body, not just the kidneys. Mainly water (92%) and high in potassium, it helps to dissolve small kidney stones (and stop calculi forming), allowing the residue to be passed naturally – a process further facilitated by the rind, which is one of the best ingredients to break down any stone calcification in the kidneys before it causes any problems.

Don’t miss out the seeds. They contain the same amount of nutrients as a whole watermelon.

Add ½-1 cup of fresh parsley, 2 carrots, 1 small cucumber. Juice. Add 1-2 celery ribs. Juice again. Stir well.
Benefits: Parley is high in antioxidants, especially the flavonoids like Luteolin, that combine with highly reactive oxygen molecules (oxygen radicals) and help to protect cells against oxygen-related damage. It also contains a super dose Vitamins A and C to promote a robust, healthy immune system, with studies showing theat it can increase the antioxidant capacity of the blood.

DID YOU KNOW… Adding lemon helps the body to absorb nutrients 5x better? 

Pour a cup of hot water. Cut 4 slices of fresh lemon. Squeeze into the water to slightly macerate the lemon, extract some of the juice and release the natural oils from the rind. Put the lemon in the water. Leave for a few minutes to infuse, then drink 10-15mins before breakfast. For extra benefits, add some shavings of fresh ginger or mint leaves.

Method: 8 Carrots, 1 large Cucumber, 2 green apples, ½ lemon. Juice.
Benefits: Carrots and cucumber are a super-power duo. Loaded with a mega-dose of nutrients, when consumed together they flush out excess uric acid (a known cause of kidney stones) and promote good kidney health, flushing out toxins and aiding digestive processes.

DID YOU KNOW… The kidneys are responsible for filtering the blood, which travels around the whole body? They affect your whole body – brain, psychology, organ function, metabolism, nutrient absorption, eye health, skin and more so it’s important that they function properly. These juices also help to increase red blood cell count.

1 cup of radish, 1 cup of purple cabbage, 1-2 ribs of celery, ½ lemon, ½ inch ginger. Juice.
Benefits: Radishes are super detoxifiers. Not only do they eradicate toxins from the kidneys and help to dissolve kidney stones, but they also promote liver and gallbladder health, and fight infection thanks to their anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

1 stalk of celery (approx. 10-12 ribs, bases chopped off), 1 bunch of parsley, 1 small pineapple (keep the core, remove the skin and crown). Juice in a masticating juicer.
Benefits: Great for the heart and kidneys, helping to detoxify metal toxicity as well as strengthening the immune system and providing a good source of calcium in an efficiently absorbable combination. It also promotes good circulation and reduces bloating, water retention and swelling, thus effectively helping to relieve joint pain and other ailments caused by inflammation, such as arthritis and asthma, and promoting better quality sleep.

If using a blender, add all of the ingredients with a cup of coconut water and blend until smooth. Fancy smoothing creamier? Add kefir lime leaves and nuts to enrich into a smoothie-like consistency.

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