The Best Post-Workout Meals (Olympics Style!)

by Travelling Peach

1. Eggs with Avocado on Toast
Recommended by:
Cate Campbell, Team Australia Swimming
Cate says ‘Eggs with avocado and wholegrain toast is one of my favourites. It tastes great, is high in protein and complex carbohydrates, and the avocado is high in essential fats and vitamins. Great for moisturising my skin and body from the inside out after being in the chlorine for so long, as well as giving me lots of energy.’

…And Team GB kayaker Lani Belcher agrees. She says ‘My go to is scrambled eggs, especially with avocado, smoked salmon and freshly squeezed lemon juice. They’re high in protein and, whether it’s post-workout of any time of the day really, I just love them.’ 

2. Yogurt & Purely Elizabeth’s Granola 
Recommended by:
Andy Newell, Team USA Cross-Country Skiing
Andy says ‘I eat way too much yogurt and cereal in general – I think most athletes do because it’s a good way to quickly re-fuel your body with lots of carbs and protein after working out. It’s not the most exciting thing to eat and you can get sick of it after a while but somehow you keep doing it so it must work. '

'At the moment, I eat a lot of Greek yogurt with Purely Elizabeth’s granola – my wife got me into it and it's filled with wholegrains, chia seeds, coconut, pecan nuts, pumpkin, cinnamon and other delicious ingredients – they have several different granolas available so I think it’s that variety that keeps it interesting.’ 

3. Greek Yogurt with Nuts, Seeds & Fruit
Recommended by:
Lani Belcher, Team GB Kayaking 
Lani says ‘Total Greek yogurt with nuts, seeds and fresh or dried fruits is really tasty. I like to shake it up by adding some almonds and cashews, apple, berries, a bit of everything and anything.’

4. Peanut Butter on Toast
Recommended by:
Dai Greene, British Hurdles
Dai says ‘'Peanut butter on toast tastes great, is full of nutrients and is so easy to make - low in sugar, high in complex carbs, protein and vitamins A, C and E. It's also great for regulating cholesterol. I'd like to have Nutella more often too but it’s more of a treat.’

5. Choc Mint CNP Protein Shakes
Recommended by:
Hannah Stodel, Team GB Sailing
Hannah says ‘I worship the CNP protein shakes because they’re the only ones that don’t taste terrible. My favourite flavour is their chocolate mint – I’m addicted to that one.’

And Team USA luger, Matt Mortensen agrees. He says 'It's really difficult to find great tasting protein shakes. I always have Muscle Milk Combat protein shakes before- and after- working out. These particular ones are almost entirely made from pure whey protein so they help me to increase lean muscle mass, whilst providing a quck, easy and tasty way to consume clean calories.' 

6. Spinach & Berry Smoothie Shake 
Recommended by:
Hannah Brown, Team GB Sprint Canoeing
Hannah says ‘I love making recovery smoothie shakes. Throwing in frozen fruit (so it’s cold), spinach, ginger - I’m a big fan of that at the moment - aswell as some yogurt. Sometimes, if I’ve had a particularly heavy workout, I’ll add some protein powder too. Whatever combination, you’re always guaranteed to get a whole hearty but fruity and enjoyable shake - sometimes they don’t come out looking so nice but they’re normally quite tasty and full of nutrients haha.’ 

7. Tea & Toast
Recommended by:
Annamarie Phelps (CBE), Chair of British Rowing & Vice President of the British Olympic Association 
Annamarie saysWhen I was competing, the girls and I would always go to the café after training and have lots of deliciously hot tea and toast covered in warm butter and lots of marmalade. It really warmed us up and filled us with energy again. Great memories! These days, after working out I’ll have a proper breakfast with cereal and coffee – marmalade is often still there somewhere too.’

8. Pesto Pasta
Recommended by:
Henry Fieldman, Team GB Rowing
Henry says ‘I absolutely love pesto pasta – I could eat it all the time. The pasta and Parmesan give me the carbs I need to refuel and the pesto is full of pine nuts, olive oil garlic, fresh herbs and other really tasty ingredients that are packed with healthy oils and Vitamins A, C and iron, which are vital for promoting good eye health, building healthy tissues and red blood cells, and strong bones.’

9. Banana & Strawberry Matcha Smoothie 
Recommended by:
David Smith (MBE), Team GB Rowing & Cycling
David says ‘Pre-and post-workout, I try to keep my body extremely clean; starting the day with fresh mint teas and hot water with lemon. I love smoothies and juices too - I’d be lost without my Vitamix. My favourite one is banana and strawberry with matcha, chia seeds, flax seeds etc. It’s delicious and fuels my body with good nourishment so I feel good and constantly full of energy. So many people look for ‘calories’ after working out but the secret is not to overcomplicate it. Don’t eat to get calories; eat to get nutrients with lots of good whole foods. Pre- or post- workout, you can’t go wrong.’

10. Homemade Nut Balls 
Recommended by:
Bryony Page, Team GB Trampolining
Bryony says ‘Nut balls are so easy to carry around and packed full of protein, carbs and vitamins so, if you don’t have time for a proper post-workout meal, they really give you a boost. My favourite ones are the autumn nut balls (blend almond butter, cocoa powder, other nuts etc. together and mix with finely chopped apples or pears) and ones with orange flavouring so that they taste like chocolate orange.'  

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