7 Steps To Staying In Shape On Holiday

by Mark Maycroft

We’ve all been on that holiday where we came home with feeling slightly guilty that we could have all done a little more to offset gaining that holiday weight. A couple of years ago, I started thinking about how to make that happen for my clients and myself, whilst still focusing on enjoying our holidays. These top tips have since managed to see me come home from two weeks of city breaks consuming copious amounts of dessert 2lbs lighter!

Give it a go!

1. Plan A 60min Activity For Weekday Mornings 
This could be a hike up to a viewpoint to get that romantic holiday snap, or a dip in the pool for swimming and aqua aerobics. It doesn’t matter what it is, just get out and do it!

2. Walk Whenever You Can, As Much As You Can 
I use my Fitbit Alta HR or phone health app to track a minimum of 12,000 steps every day. Studies have recently shown populations of the healthies countries hit an average of 10-14,000 steps a day so make this your aim.

3. Book A Hotel/Resort With A Fitness Suite Or Classes
Spending time around people who are active normally encourages us to be more active ourselves so, when you see the couple on the sunbed next to you going to do a midday yoga class, guilt is more likely to set in and encourage you to take part too.

4. Utilise Intermittent Fasting 
A good excuse to skip that indulgent hotel buffet breakfast that you probably don’t need. Check out the 16/8 method to stop you eating your daily calorie consumption in one meal.

5. Limit Alcohol Intake To Every Other Day
The key is to avoid the temptation to binge drink - especially when at an all-inclusive resort! This doesn’t mean going dry. Research shows that drinking in regular moderation is less damaging than occasional binge drinking and even has health benefits over total abstinence.

6. Make The First Meal Of The Day A Healthy One 
Positive mindset plays a huge part in determining whether or not we achieve our healthy eating aims. Studies show you are more likely to resist over indulgence if you start your day off with a healthy nutritionally balanced meal. So wake up happy, motivated and start the day the right way… 

7. Try To Restrict Sweet Treats To The Final Meal Of The Day
Having a sweet tooth, I know full well the effects of sugar cravings and if you reach for a Danish for breakfast, research shows you are more likely to indulge with more sweet food later that day. By waiting until your last meal, you then make it easier to curb the cravings by going to sleep after. Research has also show a carb heavy evening meal can help improve sleep, which is another reason to wait until your last meal of the day.

I follow all of these tips whilst on holiday - although I am the sort of person to lay on a sunbed for an hour before getting fidgety and having to move so, usually, I book holidays with lots of places to walk subconsciously. The more you do it, the more it will happen for you too.

Applying these tips to a beach holiday will certainly help offset a few too many cocktails which you have most definitely earnt! But remember, enjoy your holiday because we all need time away from work to destress and relax, but coming back feeling fat and sluggish will only worsen the post-holiday blues.

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