Christian Le Squer

‘There’s only one way to describe Christian… One-of-a-kind.’

‘An extremely funny, passionate and down-to-earth man who, despite having so much success in the industry, is clearly so full of excitement and enjoyment about creating flavours, learning and exciting both the lives of his guests and himself. Surprisingly, what we love most about him is how much time he has for people and how his facial expressions change as he takes in what’s going on, what’s being asked, and the emotions and humour that overcomes his face when recalling memories and dreaming of the future. (He can take a joke too!)’ 

‘Full of enthusiasm, energy and honest charm, you can’t help but be enamoured by how much his eyes light up when talking about his food, life and clear enjoyment of his experiences in the culinary world and how much more there is for him to explore – it’s like a big adventure for him, with so many more adventures to have and so much more to discover.

Entirely captivating.’

Having been awarded an extremely rare and impressive 3 Michelin stars, Christian Le Squer is one of the world’s most prestigious chefs. As the Executive Chef in Paris’ exclusive Le Cinq restaurant in The Four Seasons George V Hotel, he has created a menu full of traditional French flavours, values and techniques, but with innovative flavours and an exciting sense of adventure – something that is entirely characteristic of the man himself! Each dish is full of the freshest, seasonal, regional ingredients; all carefully selected to offer guests a flavour sensation and memorable experience. It’s something that Christian experienced during his childhood and has passionately continued to influence him throughout his career. He’s absolutely charming, funny and full of passion about both his menu and the team so, if you visit Le Cinq and see him in the restaurant, don’t forget to say hello and you’ll see for yourself why we love this restaurant so much.

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