Anthony Marshall

Anthony Marshall is the Executive Chef at The Hilton Hotel, Park Lane. He’s also one of the most interesting people I’ve met in a long time – and that’s saying a lot because I’ve met some incredible people. 

Full of interesting stories about a rich and exciting career, and passion about his food and encouraging his staff, it’s clear that Anthony’s ambition and enthusiasm for providing deliciously tasting food, with visually exciting designs and attention to detail has no signs of slowing down.

When you think of The Hilton Hotel Group, most people think of a standardized, copycat chain of hotels, but the reality at The Hilton Park Lane could not be farther from the truth. The kitchens are what can only be described as a magical Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory environment, where talented and highly skilled chefs create artistic creations of sugar animals, intricate bows and roses; hand made chocolates filled with delicious Valrhona chocolate; hand crafted, individually painted chocolate ‘greeting cards’ and gold antiqued ‘photo frames’ for the guests’ rooms and much more. It really is a refreshing and entirely unique environment that I can only think is a result of the selection of Anthony Marshall as the Head Chef.

Initially appearing unassuming, Anthony Marshall is a highly ambitious and talented man, who knows how to nurture and encourage team spirit amongst his chefs, whilst maintaining order and a ship-shape running of a large and complicated ‘ship’, and still ensuring that he retains a strong sense of imagination and attention to detail. 

Interesting Fact: What you might not know about Anthony is that, unlike other chefs, he really helps to shape the whole guest experience. He’s helped to design everything from the food to the iconic ‘Pink Lady’ afternoon tea gift boxes, and even the waitresses’ uniforms, all whilst maintaining a sense of calm.    

If you’re in London, I highly recommend a visit to The Podium Restaurant and Bar for afternoon tea. You won’t be disappointed.

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