Dr. Steve Green

Dr. Steve Green is one of the world's most ground-breaking Fertility Consultants and author of 'The Egg and The Family: IVF - The Early Years' - a short memoir approaching the process in a relatable, more human way; sensitively combining science with human interest, and charting Dr. Green's journey working at the forefront of In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), test tube baby research.

From starting out as a homeless teenager from Grimsby to later becaming one of the founding fathers of IVF, Dr. Green's journey has been one of striving forwards, not just on a personal level or professional one, but to break boundaries in medicine and science, and ultimately to create a better, more hopeful future for thousands of infertile couples worldwide in their quests to have children.

Starting the conversation and answering all of the questions you really want to know (but may be too scared to ask), he'll be bringing us the health latest news and debates.

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