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David Smith (MBE) is a British adaptive rower and all-round superhuman Olympian.

A lot of people achieve Olympic status but what most people don't realise is that David has won titles in both the adaptive and non-adaptive categories. Not only that but he's competed in an impressive 6 sports: karate; sprinting; rowing; cycling; skiing; and even had time to train in Olympic bobsleigh in between!

Among his many acheivements, David is a black belt in karate (able-bodied); 400m Scottish Sprinting Champion (mainstream able-bodied athletics); Team GB Olympic bobsleigh brakeman; World Rowing Champion (gold medal in mixed four); Rowing World Cup Champion (gold medal in mixed four); Olympic Rowing Champion (gold medal in mixed four); was on Team GB's skiing team and now competes in the cycling category. Plus, as if that wasn't enough, he has his sights on cycling up one of the world's most notorious climbs, Mont Venteux, three times in a day - and all just six months after surgery. Incredible!


‘Certainly one of our favourite people. Dedicated, driven, genuine and highly intelligent… he’s the meaning of ‘No I can't? No such thing’ personified.

Having overcome numerous injuries and health problems… spinal tumours, club foot, broken bones, temporary paralysis and more… does that mean he’ll give up? Not a chance! Instead he keeps changing sports, learning new skills and pushing himself until he’s at the top of not just his game, but everyone else’s too. Whether it’s cycling, rowing, karate or even bobsleigh – the Olympics or even the Paralympics… why not do both?! Well that’s exactly what he did and now, for the first time in his life, he’s tumour free and continuing to excel.

David has a BSc. Sports Performance and is currently completing a degree in Psychology, after which he hopes to use it, along with all of his own experiences to help others to do the same.

There’s literally nothing this man can’t do but what we love most is his attitude. He’s confident but very genuine and unassuming so, when you walk into a room, he’ll always make you feel comfortable and have fun. We have a lot of time for him – especially geeking out on the psychology front!’

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