Andy McFadden

Andy McFadden is the Executive Chef at Michelin-starred restaurant, Pied-A-Terre.

Based in the heart of London’s Fitzrovia, the restaurant specializes in modern French cuisine and offers guests an elegant dining experience with a relaxed, friendly and enjoyable atmosphere.

Born and raised in Ireland, Andy’s love of fresh, natural ingredients has definitely shone through in the menu. Full of seasonal ingredients of the best quality, Andy’s dishes are designed to heighten the natural flavours of the ingredients, using complementary sauces and highly skilled cooking techniques to showcase each element to its best. This Irish passion for simplicity and nature flows through into the presentation of the dishes, which benefit from non-fussy, yet elegant presentation, and confidently allow the flavour combinations to speak for themselves.

What’s particularly lovely about this restaurant is that both the guests and staff genuinely enjoy being there. This is highlighted in the kitchen, which radiates a relaxed but energetic and determined atmosphere… The passion of the chefs about the dishes, their ambition and camaraderie is something that most guests won’t witness first hand but, trust me, Pied-A-Terre definitely has ‘It', whatever ‘It’ is!

Follow Andy on Twitter @Andy_McFadden / @PiedaterreUK, Facebook and Instagram

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