Andy Palmer

Andy Palmer is a sports writer, and a Scout and Coach at Leicester City FC.

Especially interested in the holistic approach to individual player training and stimulating team harmony, Andy believes that to achieve success, it takes more than just talent, skills and hard work. You need to feel good as an individual and you need to gel as a team. To achieve that, not only do you need to train regimentedly, trust your coach's tactics and work together to play them as he imagined - something that Croatia's National Manager Zlato Dalic has spoken about in recent months as being every managers' dream but not always easy to achieve - but you also need to feel mentally hardy and free. If you have that, not only can you can acheive anything on the pitch, but you'll also be able to deal with the pressures off of it and, when it comes down to it, that can be the key to winning The League, or not.

He'll be bringing us all of the latest footnall news and debates fresh from the pitch.

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