Dr. Raj Ragoowansi

Dr. Raj Ragoowansi (FRCS) is one of the world’s best Consultant Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons. He specialises in plastic and reconstructive surgery, and has a special interest in the reconstruction of the breasts and hands, and body contouring; with an emphasis on minimising surgical scarring, both in visibility and bio-physically.

‘Best for Tummy and Body Surgery’ Harpers Bazaar Magazine
‘Best for Breast Surgery’ Harpers Bazaar Magazine

Raj places a strong importance on continuing his professional development and has authored over 25 papers for peer reviewed Plastic and Hand Surgery Journals. In recent years, he has received several research and clinical grants from The British Association of Plastic Surgeons and The British Society for Surgery of the Hand to study the molecular mechanisms and treatment of abnormal scar formation. His research has also proven revolutionary in helping patients whose hands have been affected by trauma, nerve compression and rheumatoid arthritis, among other factors.  

Raj is based at his clinic on Harley Street, London, and at the exclusive private Wellington Platinum Hospital. He is also a lecturer for the Faculty of Aesthetic Surgery at UCL and a member of numerous medical boards and associations, including: 

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