Andrew Dargue

Andrew Dargue is the Head Chef at award-winning vegetarian restaurant, Vanilla Black.

Credited as London’s only vegetarian ‘fine dining’ experience, the restaurant, which is based in London’s Chancery Lane, offers guests an art deco, vintage-style dining experience, but with food that awakens the imagination and fuels the senses.

Shunning typically vegetarian dishes such as pasta bake and mushroom risotto that, admittedly, have been overdone, Andrew’s menu continues to push the boundaries of not just vegetarian cuisine, but our perceptions of food in general.

With a menu offering dishes such as Iced and Charred Avocado with Olive Crumb; Smokey Aubergine, Flatbread and Green Harissa with Spiced Pistachios; and Cauliflower Dumplings with Parsley and Walnut Crumbs, and Pickled Raisins; it’s no wonder that the restaurant is a popular stop-off for an eclectic array of guests, ranging from Pamela Anderson to Vivienne Westwood, businessmen to rock band Blink 182.

A fantastic menu for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike.

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