Enda Brady

Enda Brady is an award-winning British news and current affairs journalist.

Esteemed amongst both his peers and the public for his hard-hitting, yet tactful, approach, Enda has reported on a wide variety of topics, including the terror attacks in France and Belgium, the migrant crisis in Italy, the FIFA scandals in Switzerland, and much more; and has an outstanding record of delivering exclusive TV interviews with politicians, sporting icons and the like; always managing to get the scoop and encourage the interviewee to divulge more than they'd hoped to keep it interesting, whilst simultaneously respecting them- and being knowledgable- enough about their interests that they enjoy the interview (even when it doesn't go their way!) and always come back for more. Somehow, he just knows how to get the balance right - an approach we love and exactly what he'll be covering with TP too.

He is also a keen athlete who regularly completes fantastically physically and geographically challanging adventures to raise money for conservationalism and The Eve Appeal - a gynaecological charity helping to raise money in the fight against women's cancers.

'In August, Enda will be partaking in an amazing endurance race across the Kenyan rhino conservation lands, where he'll run an incredible 5 marathons in 5 days on behalf of For Rangers Ultra. That's a staggaring 230kms! Everything will be documented on TP and it's all for a good cause - not just one that effects Kenya or the rhinos independently, but the future of us as a planet and which amazing, well-loved (and non-extinct!) animals our children grow up to see, so please show some support and get donating. Or, better still, get involved.'

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