David Kingsbury

David Kingsbury is one of the world’s most renowned personal trainers and nutritional experts. He owns the official gym at the world-renowned Pinewood Film Studios, where he can regularly be seen training clients in low-key settings, where they can really get down to work, achieving results in undisturbed settings. David’s clients include Chris Hemsworth, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and Hugh Jackman, who he most famously helped to achieve the iconic Wolverine body transformation. 

For clients who can’t always train with him in-person, either because of schedules or geographical location, David offers the opportunity to train with him online, where he will design a bespoke training and nutritional plan, especially for you; to suit your lifestyle, your dietary/health requirements and your fitness goals; then monitor it to ensure that you continue to see progress. A 12-week online training plan costs £299. Definitely worth it!

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