David Bizet

David Bizet is the Executive Chef in Paris’ award-winning L’Orangerie restaurant, where he has magically designed a delicious French menu that not only incorporates traditionally French textures, flavours and passion, but has a lighter, fresher taste and elegant modern presentation. The flavours are vibrant, exciting on the palate and visually divine. If you’re considering visiting the restaurant, we recommend the King Crab with Spiced Cauliflower and Citrus Vegetables and Lemon Water. Trust me; you won’t be disappointed.

What’s most exciting is the strong sense of passion and creativity that envelopes the kitchen; and the strong importance that David places on respecting nature and on designing visually beautiful and artistic dishes that not only awaken the taste buds but also the imagination. This radiates from David himself, his chefs and what’s particularly heart-warming is the nourishing attitude he naturally exhibits towards his team.

Whilst watching his protégé Maxime Frederic expertly construct La Fleur De Vacherin Citron dessert - something that is particularly close to David’s heart as a chef - it was clear that, not only was he watching with an expert eye at the details, ensuring that they were done to his undoubtedly very high standard, but his pride in Maxime’s accomplishments was undoubtedly clear. The atmosphere is highly motivating and something that certainly flows through to the ambiance in the restaurant and the taste of the dishes.

David previously worked at the hotel's 3 Michelin stared restaurant Le Cinq for 17 years, and speaks fondly of how much the chefs there nurtured his talent and played pivotal roles in influencing his career. It’s this family atmosphere and enjoyable working environment that filled him with so much excitement when offered the opportunity to become Head Chef at the hotel’s L’Orangerie, and is something that he tries to instill in his own chefs.

The restaurant is situated in the Four Seasons George V Hotel and specializes in delicious modern French cuisine. It has 1 Michelin star.

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