Chris Spring


‘Piloting a sled at 150km/hr is an absolute rush but competing for Canada on the world stage is the ultimate rush’ Chris Spring

Chris Spring is a one of the world’s most skilled pilots in both the 2- and 4-man bobsleigh. As part of Canada’s National Team, he’s a 3-time Olympian; 3-time Canadian National Champion; a multi-World Championship medallist; and World Cup Champion.

Born in Australia, at the age of 23, Chris moved to Calgary where he found a natural love and passion for the sport of bobsleigh. The fast pace, speed, excitement and team spirit captivated him and, before long, he began a firm fixture and pilot on the Canadian National Team.

‘One of our favourite people. Chris is incredibly down to earth, hilariously funny and hugely intelligent; one of those people who just naturally radiates a zest for life. If you haven’t tried bobsleigh, this guy will definitely make you want to.' 

What we love most about Chris is that it’s not accolades or fame that fuels his passion; it’s an innocent love of the outdoors, nature, learning, new experience and people - qualities that seem to resonate throughout all fields, whether it be multi-Michelin starred chefs like Christian Le Squer, world-renowned doctors like Dr. Anita Surnham or ground-breaking athletes like Chris, Kaitlin Sandeno and Arianne Jones. In a world so obsessed by vanity, money and fame, it’s a very refreshing outlook.’

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