Vito Mollica

Award-winning chef Vito Mollica is the Executive Chef at The Four Seasons Hotels in Milan and Firenze, where he holds 2 Michelin stars.

Full of charisma, passion and an endless desire to learn more about all of the ingredients he selects for his menu and where they come from, Vito’s personality shines though in the menu. Each and every dish is perfectly cooked and exquisitely presented to proudly showcase every ingredient. It’s difficult to choose a favourite dish at this restaurant as, astoundingly, there wasn’t one thing that we could criticise – and, trust me, we’re very harsh critics. (P.S. We might praise the experts on our website but that’s because we’ve only chosen to include the ones we truly endorse, whose CVs and clients we’ve checked, and who we’ve met with. Many missed the boat.) However, if we have to, we recommend the raspberry and pistachio tartlet and the mix grill fish with guacamole. The flavours were perfectly balanced, perfectly portioned and everything was done to accentuate the very best of each ingredient - both in flavour and presentation. Nothing was too sweet or too savoury, the natural flavour of the seafood came through, the guacamole was vibrant and singing with the natural flavour of the avocado and lemon…. For the tartlet, the pastry was crisp and added texture without being too thick and the raspberry, pistachio and cream were all able to hold their own. Many chefs struggle to retain the earthy flavour of the pistachio without it being overpowered by the raspberry but, somehow, Vito’s achieved the perfect balance. To die for!

The restaurant offers guests an elegant dining experience, with a light and airy atmosphere and stunning views of the landscaped gardens, where you can wonder at the lush green hedges and perfectly manicured trees, delicately twinkling with white fairy lights. It truly is a beautiful place to be and, as with all of The Four Seasons hotels, the place just feels indescribably happy and relaxed. It’s the perfect place to meet for a fun lunch with friends or a romantic dinner.

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