Summer Travel Essentials

by Travelling Peach

1. Body Shop Hemp Heavy Duty Lip Care (£4.50)
This product is brilliant for creating plump, well-nourished, soft and kissable lips. It provides high levels of hydration and protection from both ice-cold weather and in hot climates. It’s also infused with hemp seed oil and rich in fatty acids so is brilliant for quickly restoring the condition of lips that have been become dry, burned or cracked due to extreme weather conditions.

Malin & Goetz Rum Body Wash (473ml / £32)

Use alcohol scented body washes and shampoos (e.g. gin or rum), or natural smelling ones like peppermint, coconut or jojoba. Don’t worry, they won’t make you smell of alcohol but they are the most effective way to deter bugs and mosquitos. 

Avoid using sweet or fruity body washes, shampoos and perfumes (unless they’re citrus), as these attract mosquitos.

3. Body Shop Coconut Exfoliating Cream Body Scrub (250ml / £15)
The roads in Bali are crazy and full of drivers so if you’ve been driving on the moped all day or up the mountains to the beautiful Sekumpul Waterfalls you’ll probably be covered in petrol fumes and want to get clean. A normal body wash won’t be sufficient so we recommend purchasing one that doubles as an exfoliating scrub.

4. Fumakilla Vape 45 Malam (45ml)
This product is absolutely AMAZING! It’s a special vape that plugs into your plug socket and releases a subtle aroma into the room to repel mosquitos. We used it in Bali and, trust me, it’s infinitely more effective in keeping your room (and body!) free from mosquitos and other insects than any other creams, sprays etc. available. Plus, it’s odorless and lasts up to 180 hours. 

Don’t unplug the plug-in whilst charging your laptops, phones etc. as it’s likely that you’ll forget to plug it back in (like my ex-boyfriend!) and end up like me – covered in massive mosquito bites! 

5. Worldwide Travel Adaptor (£29.99)
A worldwide travel plug is absolutly essential. You never know where you’ll be going and, surprisingly, as much as some countries' plugs may resemble European standard fit, the metal parts (in Switzerland and Bali, for example) tend to be slightly thinner and more narrowly positioned so a standard plug won’t work. To avoid wasting time searching for a shop that sells them (and being ripped off!), don’t forget to purchase one in advance.

We recommend paying slightly more for one with a USB port as it makes it much easier to charge your phone at the same time as other electrical items. Very handy when you’re short of plug sockets.

6. Pac-A-Mac and Rucksack
Bali is gorgeously warm and sunny but it can be prone to sudden bursts of heavy rainfall so we recommend carrying a pac-a-mac in your rucksack. It won’t take up much space but, if you’re stuck in traffic, you’ll certainly appreciate having it. We’d also bring a rucksack because you never know what you’ll be doing or where you’ll be exploring so it’ll help you to stay safe. 

Wear it on your front to avoid being mugged, especially when travelling by moped or through the Sacred Monkey Kingdom.

7. Sun Cream (Factor 25+) and After Sun
No matter what your skin type – naturally brown or pale white – if you don’t wear sun cream, you will get burnt. We discovered this the hard way because sometimes the sudden warm rainfalls or breezes can offer a deceptive sense of security but, actually, the sun is Bali is very strong so definitely apply sun cream several times daily; especially if you’re exploring the island by moped because the sun will be directly above you.

Johnson’s Make Up Be Gone Refreshing Cleaning Wipes (£1.50)

Whether you’re sunbathing on the beach, exploring some cultural wonders or skiing on the fabulous snowy Alpine mountains, moisturizing cleansing wipes are a must. Not only are they useful for removing makeup and cleaning up sticky fingers in emergencies, but they’ll also keep your skin nourished and protect it from drying out in the extreme weather conditions. 

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