Olympic Secrets: Best Summer Holiday Destinations (Vol. 1)

by Travelling Peach

1. Hawaii, USA
Recommended by: Arianne Jones, Team Canada Luge
Arianne says Travelling for sport is so hectic. When I’m on holiday I love spending time in sunny, chilled locations; completely slowing down the pace. Exploring Hawaii and mellowing out at the beach is perfect. As lugers, we spend all year chasing the snow and ice around the world so, when the season ends, I like to go somewhere tropical. Hawaii is brilliant - very easy going so I love relaxing there and doing lots of surfing and water sports; anywhere near the ocean and beaches where I can go on adventures.’

2. The Body Holiday, Caribbean
Recommended by: Saskia Clark, Team GB Sailing
Saskia says If you’re looking for a vacation that’s a combination of land and sea, where you can sail whilst enjoying a ‘traditional’ vacation, The Body Holiday is perfect. They offer a wide variety of activities so you can participate in sailing lessons, swimming, yoga, tennis or lay on the beach, enjoying massages and cocktails. It’s great.’

3. Chartering A Yacht, Mediterranean & Greek Islands 
Recommended by: Saskia Clark, Team GB Sailing
Saskia says If you’re not a keen sailor but enjoying sailing, or want to relax and explore a little more, I recommend chartering a yacht. That way, you can take an experienced skipper with you and travel for longer distances and times, and explore fabulous islands that you wouldn’t usually be able to. Sailing around the Mediterranean and visiting several Greek Islands is lovely.’

4. Volcanic Cycling, Lanzarote & Slovenia
Recommended by: Lizzie Simmonds, Team GB Swimming
Lizzie says My boyfriend and I recently cycled up a volcano in Lanzarote, followed by Slovenia. They’re not for the fainthearted – each ride is approx. 100km – but they’re such beautiful places so if you enjoy active holidays they’re perfect. Slovenia is particularly stunning. I’d never considered going there before but we took a long bike ride over the Alps in the northwest of the country and then through Italy.’

5. Perth, Australia
Recommended by: Eamon Sullivan, Team Australia Swimming
Eamon says ‘I love living in Australia because the scenery, especially in Perth, is beautiful and the beaches are full of white sands and great waves; lots of fresh, delicious seafood; watersports and sunshine. There’s nowhere better.’

And Team USA swimmer Kaitlin Sandeno agrees. She says ‘Swimming is such a big deal in Australia and so well respected; it was always my favourite place to compete. I also swam my first Olympics in Sydney so it’s quite special to me… the culture, the people, the beaches and the oceans are beautiful; everything about it is just so enjoyable.’

6. Monte Carlo
Recommended by: Eamon Sullivan, Team Australia Swimming
Eamon saysMonte Carlo is super cool. It has the most incredible beaches, shopping and the whole atmosphere is so glamorous and lively. Very different to what we have back home.’

7. Lake Maggiore, Switzerland
Recommended by: Eamon Sullivan, Team Australia Swimming
Eamon says ‘Lake Maggiore is stunning. Surrounded by the mountains, with beautiful clear air and open spaces, there’s so much to explore. Hiking, biking, rowing, swimming… We found an amazing spot just off a brick wall beside an abandoned warehouse. The buildings were right on the water so you could just run and jump off into the lake. A really lovely place.’

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