Olympic Secrets: Best Rowing & Sailing Destinations In The World (Vol. 1)

by Travelling Peach

1. Lucerne, Switzerland
Recommended by: John Collins, Team GB Rowing
John says We race at Lake Lucerne every year. It’s called the ‘Lake of the Gods’ and you can see why; the town is stunning. It must be the most expensive place in the world but it’s such a beautiful lake. I’ve never had a bad race there so it’s one of my favourites.

And teammate Jack Beaumont agrees. He says ‘Lucerne is my favourite place in the world. I have great memories of family holidays there as a child and of our team competing in the World Cup there. There’s a huge lake – not the one we race on – that’s surrounded by enormous snow-capped mountains and nature. It’s so picturesque and, whether you’re rowing or in one of the little restaurants, it’s such a cool place.’

‘In contrast, the lake we compete on is completely different but nonetheless incredibly beautiful. It’s in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by lush green mountains. I love it. The whole city feels special so I’d definitely recommend visiting. When we race there, all of the rowers catch the tram around the town to get to the venue. It’s the best atmosphere. All of the locals are really welcoming and it feels like the rowing buzz takes over the city for the week.’

2. Pisueña River, Northern Spain
Recommended by: Jess Fox, Team Australia Sprint Canoe
Jess says ‘This is my favourite river. My friends and I did a 7-hour river trip where we started at one point and paddled down this beautiful, versatile river. It has some really big rapids, some easier rapids where you can chill out and the terrain is incredible. We were surrounded by fantastic snow-topped mountains, the views were spectacular and it was so much fun. Then, at lunchtime, we stopped at this little Spanish restaurant where the lady cooked a really delicious feast for us. That’s probably another reason why it’s my favourite place: I love food.’

3. Bled, Slovenia
Recommended by: Victoria Thornley, Team GB Rowing
Victoria says ‘One of my favourite places. We competed there for the 2011 World Championships and it must be the most magnificent lake in the world. There’s a little island in the middle with a church on it and it’s just breath-taking… really green and beautiful.’

4. East Coast, Australia
Recommended by: Saskia Clark, Team GB Sailing
Saskia says In the summer, I’d definitely recommend sailing around the East Coast of Australia. It’s one of the most strikingly beautiful places in the world. Then, during the winter, the Caribbean, St. Barts and Antigua are stunning.

5. Chartering A Yacht, Greek Islands
Recommended by: Saskia Clark, Team GB Sailing
Saskia says If you’re not a keen sailor but enjoying sailing, or want to relax and explore a little more, I recommend chartering a yacht. That way, you can take an experienced skipper with you and travel for longer distances and times, and explore fabulous islands that you wouldn’t usually be able to. Sailing around the Mediterranean and visiting several Greek Islands is lovely.’

5. The Body Holiday, Caribbean
Recommended by: Saskia Clark, Team GB Sailing
Saskia says If you’re looking for a vacation that’s a combination of land and sea, where you can sail whilst enjoying a ‘traditional’ vacation, The Body Holiday is perfect. They offer a wide variety of activities so you can participate in sailing lessons, swimming, yoga, tennis or lay on the beach, enjoying massages and cocktails. It’s great.’

6. The Tideway, London
Recommended by: John Collins, Team GB Rowing
John says The Tideway is one of my favourite places to race. It’s where the annual Oxford Cambridge boat race is held and we regularly race there. Not only are you rowing through the heart of London, which is always really cool, but it’s also where I learnt to row so it holds a special place in my heart.


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