A-List Chef Secrets: The 10 Best Restaurants In London (Vol. 1)

by Travelling Peach

1. Frenchies
Recommended by: Marcellin Marc, Executive Chef at Clos Maggiore
Marcellin says
'I love Frenchies. They opened one last year in the corner of Covent Garden so not far from here. It’s really, really nice. I love his approach to food because the chef, Gregory Marchand, travels quite a lot so the restaurant has definitely benefited from these influences. It’s not completely different to what I do here but I love it. Obviously, it’s not 2 or 3 Michelin starred but it’s very good. It’s affordable, it’s very tasty and the service is very relaxed, approachable and the chefs have great skills. It’s so easy for me to go there at lunchtime or in the evening with a friend. You know... a glass of wine, a couple of dishes... and it’s a nice, friendly and relaxing atmosphere. I love that.'

2. Mercato Metropolitano

Recommended by: Amandine Chaignot, Executive Chef The Mirror Room Restaurant in Rosewood London Hotel
Amandine says 'I love Mercato Metropolitano. It’s a great place to go with friends. Super casual. You go in, you grab one drink here, one pizza there and there’s something for everybody.'


3. Social Eating House
Recommended by: James Durrant, Head Chef at The Game Bird restaurant in The Stafford London Hotel
James says 'I really like Social Eating House. Paul Hood, the Head Chef, does a fantastic job. His food is interesting, tastes amazing and I really like the atmosphere in the restaurant. I’m a big fan.'


4. The Ledbury
Recommended by: Simon Young, Executive Chef at Jumeirah Carlton Tower, Knightsbridge
Simon says
'My favourite restaurant is The Ledbury. The ingredients and flavour combinations there are some of the best in London. Very tasty and beautifully presented. Plus, the atmosphere and service is always friendly and relaxing. You know that, if you go there, you’ll have a good time.'

5. Yauatcha Restaurant
Recommended by: Andrew Dargue, Head Chef and Owner of Vanilla Black
Andrew says 'Yauatcha is great. The atmosphere and décor is very warm, the staff are friendly and the dim sum is amazing. The menu is full of really innovative flavours and there are lots of vegan and vegetarian options too, making it a great place to go if you’re in a group. My favourite flavour is the truffled peas.'

6. Dumplings’ Legend
Recommended by: Andy McFadden, Head Chef at Pied-A-Terre
Andy says 'If you’re looking for great food and a fun evening, go to Dumplings’ Legend. The owner likes to eat at our restaurant and he enjoys it so much that he invited us down to his restaurant. He’s an amazing man and the restaurant is brilliant too. He invited us to try some dim sum and, as we were sitting at the table, he asked us ‘What’s your favourite Chinese food?’ I said duck pancakes, my colleagues said chicken chow mein, sweet and sour pork…. lots of great dishes… Then 10 minutes later, all of the dishes came out. It was a complete surprise. Absolutely amazing!'

7. Scalini
Recommended by: Anthony Marshall, Executive Chef at The Hilton Hotel, Park Lane
Anthony says 'I like Scalini's Italian restaurant. It’s like going back into the 60’s... the food, the waiters… Every time I go there, the food always tastes wholesome and good, and I have a great time.'

8 & 9. Hakkasan and Nobu
Recommended by: Anthony Marshall, Executive Chef at The Hilton Hotel, Park Lane
Anthony says 'I like to go to places that are recommended because you know they’re going to be good. I don’t get many days off so, if I’m going to eat out somewhere, I want to know that the food and atmosphere is sure to be good, and that I’m going to enjoy myself. I like Hakkasan because you know it’s going to be good. The same with Nobu, which is next door to here.'

And it’s just outside London but it comes with fantastic recommendation so…

10. Tom Kerridge’s restaurant The Hand and Flowers 
Recommended by: Marcellin Marc, Executive Chef at Clos Maggiore  
Marcellin says 'I love it. It’s a 2 Michelin star gastro pub but I love his food very, very much. I went there because, when he won the Great British Menu, he cooked duck with triple cooked chips and peas. I wanted to try it and it was on the menu there. It was lovely but it wasn’t just that. Every single dish on the menu was very nice. Nothing complicated to look at but just beautifully seasoned, cooked properly…. very, very nice. I also like Tom as a man: the way he is, the way he behaves, the way he talks about food… you can tell he’s a passionate man. I love that.'

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