The 5 Best Lakes In Switzerland

by Travelling Peach

1. Lake Robièi (San Carlo)
Situated halfway up one of Switzerland’s highest mountains, Mount Basòdino, Lake Robièi is one of Switzerland’s most beautiful alpine summits. Visitors can enjoy awe-inspiring crystal clear, turquoise waters and ice-blue lakes, surrounded by primeval primary rocks; and stunning granite massifs and glaciers, all hidden away within the magical high alpine world. 

Visually, this is one of the most striking mountains and lakes to visit. There’s so much to see: incredible textural and colour contrasts between the icy blues and vibrant leafy greens; the smooth granite and the fantastically rugged boulders and rock walls; the fantastic crystal formations, glassier melt waters and lakes, glistening against the sun… it’s difficult to know where to stop. There’s also a wealth of wildlife and flora and lots of opportunities to enjoy a variety of hiking and sporting activities.

'This is a more challenging lake to visit than some of the others and does require good levels of physical fitness but, if you’re up to the challenge, it’s more than worth it. Plus, the great thing is that, thanks to the aerial cable car, whether you’re an experienced hiker or not, Lake Robièi is accessible to everybody. You can take the cable car from San Carlo to Lake Robièi. The last stop is at 1940m asl and Lake Robièi is situated at 1890m asl so you may have to walk a little way to get there but it’s not far and there are many well-constructed paths to guide you.' 

2. Lido Locarno Promenade 
The Lido Locarno Promenade is the perfect place to enjoy a fun day out with the family or some much needed ‘me time.’ The area is fantastic for water sports and boasts an impressive lido, with sandy beaches off the shores of Lake Ceresio; a heated Olympic swimming pool; a medium sized pool for fun; and a diving pool with trampolines up to 10m high. There are also 4 water slides, a beach volley court and a 5-a-side football pitch.

In the day, treat yourself to me time. Enjoy a coffee and some strawberry and pistachio gelato, grab your favourite book and sit back and relax, whilst enjoying the unforgettable views of Lago Maggiore, the Brissago Isles and the breathtaking mountains. 

3. Lake Maggiore (aka Lake Locarno)
We love Lake Maggiore. Not only does it have beautiful views of Monte Bré, but the views of the lake from the summit of Monte Bré are equally as stunning; all shrouded in gentle mist and mystery… Perhaps you have to visit for yourself to realize it but it really is like Mother Nature’s perfect ‘natural’ love affair. The lake runs through the southern part of Switzerland (near Italy) so the climate is much milder and you’ll see stunning Mediterranean including palm trees, lemon and orange trees and olives growing wildly and romantically around the shores of the lake. 

If you do visit Lake Maggiore, we definitely recommend hiking to the summit of Monte Bré whilst you’re there. You can’t help but be overcome by an indescribable sense of magic and freedom at the top of the mountain. Unmissible!


4. Lake Lugano (aka Lake Ceresio)

Fancy something a little calmer? Take a stroll along the warm promenade of Lake Lugano where you'll experience stunning views of Monte San Salvatore, Monte Bré and Monte Generoso nearby. This lake is the perfect place to get away from life’s fast pace, to live in the moment and restore that much needed calm and tranquility. Whilst walking, you can enjoy the parks, culture and nature that the area has to offer. Belvedere Gardens are particularly lovely. They’re full of camellias, magnolias and countless sub-tropical plants and modern works of art.

Take a boat trip across the lake to experience the different cultural diversity that Switzerland has to offer. Morcote is nearby, where you can marvel at the grand mansions and the Church of Santa Maria del Sasso - an important renaissance building with a late-Romanesque bell tower offering outstanding views – as is the picturesque little fishing village of Gandria.


5. Lakes, Brooks and Aqueducts in Valle Lavizzara
This one isn’t actually a lake but, if you enjoy hiking and want to experience something a little bit special, Valle Lavizzara is definitely for you. It’s situated high up in the Maggia Valley where a wealth of wonders await for those seeking exploration and adventure. The area has so many fantastic lakes, brooks and aqueducts to explore; all of different shapes, sizes, depths and warmths. Plus, as you walk (or bike) around, you’ll experience stunning views over Lago del Sambuco, Lago di Mognola and the Maggia Valley; lots of culture; and a vast and ever-changing Alp Cana landscape, full of sparse mountain forests, cascading waterfalls, lush vegetation, wonderful resting places and interesting traces of the ancient stone water conduits. You’ll also pass by some of the villages, where you can wonder at the eclectic style of Swiss architecture, including typically Southern stone houses and beautiful wooden barns resembling those found in central Switzerland. It really is incredible.


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