Outdoor Activities For Adrenalin Junkies

by Travelling Peach

1. Canyoning at Boggera Canyon
If you love fast paced thrills combined with beautiful, ever-changing natural scenery - emerald waters, rushing water shoots and rapids, climbing, abseiling - and having a lot of fun, you definitely have to go canyoning at Boggera Canyon. Situated in Ticino, the canyon boasts many undoubtedly beautiful canyons; however our favourite is the Valle di Cresciano. There’s so much to enjoy there – abseiling and climbing over interesting rock formations; fabulous jumps into shimmering emerald green pools; stunning white granite rock formations; and plenty of places to rope your way around; not to mention lots of exciting natural water slides. Canyons have an unfair reputation for being narrow, cold and gloomy but, most of the time, they’re not like that at all. You just need to pick the right ones. Boggera, for example, is bright, sunny and surrounded by crystal clear pools of water and the stunning greenery of the chestnut forests in the Ticino Alps. We really loved roping our way down behind the shimmering waterfall, watching the light formations bounce off of the rocks and water below and creating magical rainbows and patters over the surroundings.

Canyon: Riale di Boggera
Location: Valle di Cresciano, Ticino
Difficulty level: Beginner - Intermediate


2. Canoeing on the Ticino
The Ticino one of the most popular canoeing rivers in Switzerland and it’s easy to see why. Not only is the landscape beautifully diverse but the white-waters offer an array of speeds and textures, making it a fun, relaxing and exciting experience for all abilities. 

The 8km trail takes you from Cresciano to Arbedo, where you’ll be surrounded by the peaceful sound of the water and a fabulously diverse natural landscape full of fantastic rock formations, chestnut forests, palm trees and sunny beaches; and then on to Bellinzona, where you’ll be greeted by impressive views of The 3 Castles of Bellinzona. Unmissible!

'Canoeing along The Ticino is a great thing to do with family or friends as not only is it a lot of fun and keeps you in shape but there are lots of lovely spots and sandbanks where you can stop off and enjoy a picnic and lazy afternoon. Plus, in the warmer weather, you can cool off with a swim in the sunny waters.'

Location: Ticino
Difficulty level: Beginner - Intermediate 

3. Canyoning in the Malvaglia Valley
Malvaglia Valley is terrific for canyoning – especially in spring/summer when it’s flooded with sunlight and the emerald waters gleam against the jagged rocks. 

The great thing about this canyon is that there are different routes and activities available for different abilities; meaning that as you gain experience, the canyon will grow with you, continuing to challenge and surprise you, whilst providing a ‘safe’ familiarity. It’s also incredibly beautiful. Whilst exploring, you’ll experience breathtaking exposed rappelling points; historic worn stone bridges, framed by incredibly vast and rugged forestry; and, for the more experienced canyoners, there’s a variety of difficult jumps guaranteed to get that adrenalin pumping in the Orino Canyon.

Location: Val Malvaglia
Difficulty level: Variable


4. Bungee Jumping and Romance ‘James Bond Style’ at The Verzasca Valley

Love romance? Love adrenalin sports? Does your partner love them too? If yes, this is definitely the place for you.

The Verzasca Valley is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking and fascinating valleys of The Ticino. Abounding with stunning jade green waters flowing peacefully over the smooth polished rocks, and surrounded by typically Swiss worn stone houses, log cabins and stunning bridges, framed by vibrant natural forestry and mountains, you can’t help but be overcome by the magical calming atmosphere. Some of our favourite moments included stopping to watch the water pass under the picturesque double arches of the Ponte dei Salti in Lavertezzo; and exploring the wonderfully worn rock shapes and natural Jacuzzis further down the valley. 

But, wait. That’s not all… all relaxed, now it’s time to really get that adrenalin pumping and completely let loose. It’s time for The ‘007 Bungee Jump.’

At the entrance to the valley (on the Lago di Vogorno), you’ll find the Verzasca Dam where James Bond once jumped 220m into the abyss – with nothing more than a rubber rope to keep him attached! The jump lasts 7.5secs and, with the dam boasting one of the highest walls in Europe, is renowned for being one of the best stunts in film history. Tempted?!

Exploring The Brione Artwork & Olympic Games 
For the art lovers amongst you, as you follow the trail to Brione, you'll find 17 pieces of original artwork installed into the environment. Plus, for those seeking laughs and family fun, why not stop along the way for a game of bowls or to complete the mini Olympics? It sounds silly but, outdoors in the sunshine, surrounded by nature and a happy atmosphere, you’ll have a great time.

Jumping in to the warm waters of Lake Maggiore and enjoying the feel of the bubbling waters massaging your body in the natural Jacuzzis. Natural Jacuzzis, champagne, picnic… mmm….

Location: Verzasca Valley
Difficulty level: Variable depending on which activity you do.

5. The Corippo Canyon
This canyon is definitely the adventure and hideaway canyon. Surrounded by lush trees, lots of great slides, jumps and abseiling spots (up to 40m high), there’s a captivating sense of excitement in the air and something for everyone to enjoy. We especially love how the narrow canyon crevices are lined with picturesque rocks – certain to get the heart racing – whilst, outside, there are many open spaces to relax and enjoy the spectacular natural landscape, bathing in the warming sunshine and letting the refreshing sense of freedom wash over your body and soul. (I know… I sound like a hippy but, trust me, sometimes your body and mind just need some TLC and, on a sunny day, this is the perfect place to find it.)

How Much Variety There Is In This Canyon.
Corippo offers such a vast selection of activities, rock and water formulations and difficulty levels that, whether you’re an advanced canyoner or more intermediate, you’ll definitely have fun (and smile a lot too!)

Beginning your trail with a stroll through Corippo Village as it’s impossible not to be enchanted by its extraordinarily beautiful typically Ticino-style houses, embedded into the vast and rugged natural landscape. Then, at the end of your canyoning, take the short boat ride and relax into Ticino’s dreamy mountain landscape at the Vogorno Lake.

Location: Val Corippo
Difficulty level: Intermediate but you need to be relatively fit. Perfect for adults and teenagers.


6. Bouldering
Everyone always talks about rock climbing and abseiling, which admittedly we love too, but they’re really missing out on a trick. One of the most exciting, challenging and up and coming sports is bouldering. Not only do you get to enjoy being outdoors but it also provides a fantastic opportunity to bond as a team and provides an incredible total body workout - without the safety and restrictions of ropes. If you want to stay fit but hate the gym, want to get rid of those annoying bingo wings and achieve toned thighs that even a supermodel or Olympian would be jealous of, this is definitely the sport for you. 

It’s a lot of fun and the sense of freedom is incredible but, don’t be fooled, bouldering isn’t easy. Physically and mentally challenging, it provides an amazing opportunity to get that adrenalin pumping; vastly enhancing your physical fitness, building muscle and sculpting your whole body in an ‘evolutionary’ way that cannot be achieved in the gym. 

Note: As your fitness increases, so will the difficulty of rocks you attempt to boulder so don’t be tempted to do it alone. A big part of this sport (and safety) involves having a partners(s) ‘spot’ you as you navigate your way around the rock – think sport meets orienteering – as not only is it physically challenging but, as the size, height, shape and complexity of the rock formation increases, you will become visually impaired at times so trust and teamwork is vital.

For safety, you should also stick to confirmed bouldering routes as they have special bouldering mats (crash pads) on the ground, which will drastically reduce the impact on your body in case of a fall. 

Bouldering In Ticino.
Ticino is definitely one of the most interesting places to practice this sport and, in recent years, has became a firm favourite amongst world class boulder climbers who regularly visit the locations to test themselves on some of the most famous and difficult boulder routes in the world. We particularly recommend visiting Cresciano, Chironico, the Gotthard Pass, the Verzasca Valley and the Bavona Valley.

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