48 Hours In Milan: The 5 Best Places To Visit

by Travelling Peach

1. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II 
Love shopping? Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is the place to go. Full of designer stores, stunning architecture, not only is it beautiful but the happy and excited atmosphere is captivating. It just says ‘Milan.’ Plus, just outside of the galleria, an even bigger array of designer and high street stores and eateries fills the area surrounding Duomo Di Milano. There really is something for everyone. 


2. Duomo Di Milano (Milan Cathedral)
Outside the galleria, proudly stands Duomo Di Milano – Milan’s oldest and most revered cathedral. Full of stunning gothic architecture, arches, spikes and more, you can’t help but be in awe of the grandeur of the building. We definitely recommend taking a trip up to the top of the cathedral, where you can walk around the rooftop marveling at the panoramic views of the city from the natural ‘photo frame’ that is the architecture of Duomo Di Milano. Or spend lazy summer days relaxing on the rooftop, reading your favourite book and enjoying a latte. It really is a lovely experience. 

Scared of heights? There are lots of fantastic eateries directly outside of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the views of Duomo and the people wandering around Duomo Di Milano Square, whilst enjoying a glass of wine and some Italian gelato.


3. Lunch and Chocolate Workshop at The Four Seasons Milano
If you’re looking for somewhere that just encompasses the spirit, style and elegant glamour of Milan, this is it. We recommend indulging in a delicious Italian Lunch at La Veranda followed by a chocolate tasting workshop with one of the pastry chefs. Memorable, delicious and a lot of fun too!
We went to lunch at La Veranda with Executive Head Chef Vito Mollica and everything from the food, the relaxed and comfortable ambiance, and the light, airy décor was perfect. Look out onto the beautifully landscaped gardens with the hedges and trees magically twinkling from the subtly placed fairy lights, whilst enjoying a menu full of the freshest seasonal ingredients and innovative flavour combinations.

Before lunch, go and speak to the concierge who will help you to arrange a chocolate workshop in the hotel’s ‘secret’ chocolate room. It’s absolutely amazing. Not only will you have a lot of fun making (and tasting!) delicious chocolate designs but also the room itself is like becoming Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The walls, the doors, the paintwork… it’s all edible… and full of the excitement, sensuous aromas and of energy of the Peruvian coco farms. 


4. Mercarto Metropolitano
There are several Mercato Metropolitano’s around the world and, to be fair, you’ll have a brilliant time at any of them; however, Mercato Metropolitano Milan is the original and definitely worth visiting. Until 2015, the building was used by artisanal traders, local producers and wine merchants who occupied the 15,000sqm of disused railway tracks over the old Porta Genova station; and, thanks to its sensitive re-design, much of the original structure still remains, giving it heaps of personality. Surrounded by beautiful flower stalls, industrial architecture and an eclectic array of seating, dining and hang out spots, today, the mercato is the place to be on the weekends. There are 100 different stalls and eateries so, if you love fresh seasonal food, sampling local Italian delicacies and supporting local producers, you’ll love it. 

Perfect for a Sunday brunch with friends or a foodie exploration extravaganza with family.


and our favourite…

5. Navigli 
We definitely recommend going for dinner at Naviglio Grande Canal. Lots of beautiful Italian restaurants, all beautifully lit up by fairy lights against the night sky; cozy outdoor seating areas beside the canal to eat Italian-style tapas and enjoy a glass of wine; or restaurants filled with happy guests, indulging in big plates of homemade pasta and stone-baked pizzas, fresh seafood and delicious Italian sauces full of the freshest seasonal ingredients… An amazing place to visit. 

Don’t take the sightseeing buses unless you’re particularly fond of spending a lot of money to watch a lot of architectural arcs on an open topped bus that can only be described as a freezing cold wind tunnel.

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