Fun Family Days Out In Bali

by Travelling Peach

1. Sundays Beach Club
When in Bali, visiting Sunday Beach is a must. For those of you who dream of fabulous beaches, with the clearest turquoise sea, golden sands and a relaxed, healthy vibe, Sunday Beach has it all. The beach is privately used by residents of the exclusive Ungasan Resort; however it’s accessible to visitors for a daily rate of 300,000rp (approx. £18) per adult and 50,000rp (approx. £3) for children, which when you think about what’s included is an absolute bargain. 

For the whole day, guests can relax and enjoy complimentary watersports including kayaking, snorkeling, paddle boarding and more; with full beach club access, complimentary towels and wifi, and travel to and from the beach via a quaint whickered inclinator cabin which will take you through the stunningly lush green trees, whilst you enjoy breathtaking views of the beach and ocean from above. This in itself is a brilliant experience so highly recommended. Then, when you arrive at the beach, each guest can enjoy deliciously fresh seafood, cocktails, smoothies and more at the beach bar, where they’ll receive 150,000rp complementary credit. 

Try the Avocado Dream shake. Deliciously cooling and creamy, it’s full of avocado, coconut milk, vanilla milkshake and a little chocolate syrup mmm…


2. Uluwatu Temples
Depending on where you stay, Bali can have quite a busy, intense atmosphere – especially if you’re spending much time travelling around on the - to put it mildly - crazy roads (or travelling with a PIA ex-boyfriend!) Sometimes it’s nice to go somewhere completely peaceful, where you can walk around enjoying the beauty of nature undisturbed and letting your mind and body unwind. 

Peaceful and serene, the Uluwatu Temples are perfect for this. As you walk around the grounds and winding paths, you’ll experience the beautiful, old stone carvings of Balinese Gods, mythological creatures, and ancient spiritual sayings over the weathered walls and temples. The temples are surrounded by trees and flowers and, as you follow the winding paths through the trees; walk over the calming bridges and streams; and around the winding paths that lead you over the cliffs to endless views of the ocean, hearing the waves clashing against the rocks below, you can’t help but feel at peace. A great place to go with families or to enjoy meditation.


3. Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, The Ubud
Spending the morning at the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is a lovely way to begin the day. To get there, you’ll drive through the Ubud, with its lush green trees and stunningly landscaped rice fields, watching the Balinese farmers at work, in their traditionally conical sun hats, expertly woven using the local leaves. Then, upon arrival, you can enjoy relaxing walks around the forest, letting the calming scents of the trees and breathtaking natural woodlands wash over you, whilst cheeky monkeys play games around you; others watching curiously and some, to be polite, getting more than a little bit frisky. It really is a funny and eclectic experience. There’s so much to see and, whilst walking around the forests, you’ll discover lovely stone carvings of ancient sayings, monkeys and Balinese mythical creatures; walk over beautifully hand-carved stone bridges with trickling streams; and pass by traditional temples scattered throughout the sanctuary. For animal lovers, it really is lovely.

Make sure you take off your glasses and any jewellery or shiny belongings before entering the sanctuary. Try to take minimal belongings with you and carry any valuables in a rucksack, fully zipped up and held close to your chest as the monkeys will be attracted to them and try to steel them. If they do, there’s little hope of you getting them back unless you pay one of the wardens to get them for you, if at all.


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