Like Sams To The Slaughter

by John Howard
18th Jul 2018

West Bromwich Albion were above us when I got here. Look where we are now and where they are.”

The words of our 'favourite' Everton manager, Sam Allardyce.

This piece will not re-invent the wheel, nor offer up a theory that has previously never been heard of, or even put a fresh slant on popularly held opinion. It is simply another view, rant, desperate plea aimed towards further-ridding that arrogant, clueless, money-grabbing imposter from our club.

I will be the first to admit, I first thought that the appointment of the experienced 63-year-old at the end of November last year *hangs his head in shame* was a reasonably sensible one. A veteran of the Premier League with a reputation for organisation and resolute defending could only serve as a source of good for us in what had so far been a disastrous season.

And the early signs were ok. A seven-match unbeaten run saw confidence raised, relegation fears eased and at least more optimism than there had been previously. Could Everton finally be getting their grit back and producing the kind of performances that are not simply required at Goodison, but demanded?

Sadly not. What happened was the inevitable new manager effect which sees a team and its players raise their game for the new regime, briefly!

Our first defeat under Sam’s charge: a 2-1 reverse at Bournemouth. Now there is no shame in losing a fixture away from home in the Premier League, and we had our chances to claim all three points that day, but what was to follow summed the former England boss up as a coach and as a man.

Everton failed to win in their next four games. That can happen. But it was the performances against Manchester United at home and Spurs away that boiled the blood of the Goodison faithful.

I have no issue with admitting that the two aforementioned teams have superior squads to us, but I refuse to accept a ‘try not to lose’ mentality at my club, particularly when our opposition have an almost free ride to three points.

But of course, Spurs and Utd. are ‘big clubs’, just like Arsenal, who would soon destroy us 5-1 without breaking sweat, so what right do we have to expect anything else?!

And that view? Straight from our own head coach. Because after all, he has got us above West Brom.

Did he even bother to check the teams who took points from the Gunners last season! It would be interesting to hear his explanation on that one. But we are above West Brom at least! Hmmm!

I can stomach a drubbing, I have seen plenty. I can just about not react to the media’s bias against us and ex-players like Rio Ferdinand believing we Blues should all be grateful. They are on the outside.

But Allardyce was inside the walls of our historic institution and perpetuating a myth of unified support amongst the fanbase as well as echoing Ferdinand’s patronising opinion. 

'When we won, he took credit. When we lost, he shifted the liability solely onto the team. The man avoided blame like Lionel Messi avoids tackles and taxes.' 

Since he made his comments, detailed at the start of this piece, Everton played consecutive games at home to Liverpool and away to strugglers Swansea. Our neighbours were Champions’ League semi-finalists, while the Swans fight for every point available. But scratch the surface and what was blatantly obvious was a teaming lacking shape, ideas and confidence. Over to you Sam!

Ever the optimist, in regards to himself, our 'favourite' boss was quick to point out that our two league results against our fiercest rivals would have seen us progress in Europe’s premier competition. Were we in that completion? What was he expecting? A hoard of grateful Evertonians?

If he was (or still is) expecting gratitude, I have none for him. Everton is more than a club and certainly more than an ego boost and big payday for you, Mr Allardyce!

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