Fake News or The Truth – Hatred Vs Hope – An Opinion

by Asif Khan
28th Oct 2018

We keep hearing the term ‘Fake News’ over and over again, but how many of us have ever sat down and thought how fundamentally correct it actually (and sadly) is?

We live in a world ruled by ‘Fake News’ to such an extent that it is now a tool for those who created it, to use to conceal of the very worst of atrocities and ultimately to create hatred and divide. It is too easy to say, ‘the media are at fault.’ True, they are, but it goes deeper than that. Many good people work in media who just do their jobs; it is those in positions of power who run it. The same people have limitless resources at hand and underlying agendas. They use their influence to create and spread spin and/or omit events as-and-when they please, ultimately creating the charade that is ‘Fake News’ and dictating public perceptions of the world and events on an ever-growing and worrying basis.

Good News and the Truth are being buried extensively and/or being given the smallest of platforms (if at all) to voice themselves. Negativity and Fear are ruling. Sadly, even atrocities are being used for selfish agendas. For what purpose? The planet is already over-populated and full of issues (poverty, war, crime), why would anybody want more divides? I mean, if World War 3 occurred who would be most likely to survive? Who would be best placed to reap dividends in the re-build? … This is just basic logic, however the fact that even saying this out loud is likely to be dismissed as Fake News itself only highlights the excellent job that has been (and is being) done.

  • MUSLIMS. Since 9/11 (which attacked the reputation of the world’s largest population in every way possible), upon hearing the word ‘Muslim’ most people think ‘terrorist.’ Stigma generated.
  • BREXIT. A campaign driven by lies, fear and hatred i.e. built on Fake News and now being driven through despite the madness of it all. Ask yourself: who is the terrorist here, strapped with a bomb on their chest, dancing to Abba, refusing to take it off despite knowing the negative effect it will have on so many others? It is clear that she is only the vehicle used to deliver? It says it all when hundreds of thousands of people march in peace against it, yet that only gets a few lines of news coverage (BBC in particular), whereas a dozen or so far right idiots shouting abuse and in favour of it get equal, if not more, coverage.
  • DONALD TRUMP. The man coining the term ‘Fake News’ at his behest – and not with regards to his hairline! The man charged to represent the world’s most powerful nation (the only nation ever to have used a nuclear warhead, but who now dictate to all others what they should or should not do with their own); the man who promotes guns and mocks the disabled; the man who wants to literally create division by building walls (whether real or by means of separating children and parents)… How did this man become arguably the world’s most powerful person?? Does he actually represent the almighty U.S of A? The answer is clearly no. Many good people live in America, but sadly the general consensus being fed and how it is publicised is what won Trump the Presidential election in the first place.
  • PALESTINE. Just one example of a race being decimated before our very eyes. Whatever the historical rights or wrongs, these people are being systematically bombed every 2 -3 years, families destroyed, mothers and fathers losing their children – why? So that the bombers can steal their land to build illegal settlements of their own. This systematic and brutal takeover and extermination is being ignored. It is not ‘anti-sematic’ to state facts; it is human to stand up and say ‘this is wrong.’ A long-standing question is how the world allowed the atrocities that Hitler inflicted (on ironically that same race); however here we are in 2018 watching it happen through the blood-blurred eyes of corporations like the BBC.

‘Challenge these facts? Heaven forbid you do actually try. It is…you guessed it… Fake News.’

The sad fact is that Good News lacks relevance and the Truth has little credibility these days. We’re constantly told the rhetoric ‘bad news sells’ – is this even true? In today’s world, good news is needed more than ever. It is the basic concept of supply and demand: people want to read good news. They want to know that the truth matters. They want to feel HOPE! It is the racists, paedophiles (let’s not even go there), the greedy mercenaries feeding off death and wars, and those mocking tragic events who need addressing.

‘It is time for the world to question the news we are being fed. What is the real TRUTH? What Fake News is being thrust in people’s faces and minds that continues to bury it?’

FINAL THOUGHTS: I was compelled to write this article having been inspired by the nation coming together post what was a horrible day for football and sport in general yesterday. It showed that despite the passions that sport elicits and team rivalries, sport still has the power to unite people and show the good in them that still exists. I hope that at some point the Truth pervades, and Good News wins; that people see things for what they really are and not for what they are led (or want to blindly) believe. Only then can the world truly unite on a wider basis, obtain a platform on which to speak out, and be able to elect leaders that can drive this critical need for change and restore the relevance and importance of Truth.

The CURRENT TRUTH: FAKE NEWS is becoming the truth for far too many people, and that itself is the problem. 

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