Match Analysis: Manchester United vs Juventus (24th Oct)

by The United Devils
25th Oct 2018

It was another disappointing evening for the United fans. Manchester United have had a really bad time this season playing at Old Trafford. It's been a long time since they pulled off a great performance at home. First choice striker Lukaku hasn't scored there since March and the game against Juventus was awful to say the least. The loss puts United in a tricky situation, having to battle it out with Valencia who sit two points behind them.

As things stand, they need to get a result against Juventus at the Old Ladies’ home. This might look impossible, but this season they’ve surprisingly been more impressive playing away. A good omen? I’m sceptical, but let’s see.

With the win, Juventus now take full control of group H and require just one point from the next three games to qualify for the knock out stages.

United put in an awful first half performance; apart from the game against Tottenham Hotspur, that’s the one thing they have been consistent in. The second half was much better, but it was still below the standard required. Once again they had to rely on the heroics of David De Gea, who made countless saves to keep players like Ronaldo away. Victor Lindelof had a brilliant game too after we had conceded the goal.

Manchester United's biggest chance of the game came from Paul Pogba who hit the post. Other than that they didn't really take advantage of Juventus' poor passes and it cost them; not helped by their poor defensive display. Juventus on the other hand were outstanding, constantly shutting down our attackers with tight formations and instinct.

Another shock was the lack of substitutions. It was obvious that players like Mata and Matic were struggling; I expected at least two substitutions. Why the manager stuck to the same squad for 90 minutes is beyond me. It was a tactical decision I didn't understand.

What next?
United have a serious run of games coming up against Everton, Bournemouth, Juventus and Manchester City. They really need to fix the gaps in the team, take advantage of the spot kicks they win and, imperatively, be regimentally careful when defending spot kicks. The defence really needs to up it's game, as does the attacking set up. I’ll support them through and through, but if they don’t do that even I have to ask: what next?

For now, we are really in a tough situation, but given the previous displays against Newcastle United and Chelsea, maybe we can expect a turn around in the subsequent games. I hope so.

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