Dave Allen vs Lucas Browne - Will It Happen?

by Jack Towers
17th Oct 2018

It is hard to pinpoint a single way to describe Dave Allen’s career thus far. The White Rhino has four losses on his record, albeit to quite superior opposition, but you just get the feeling he has one big fight out there.

Allen has become one of the most popular domestic fighters around, mainly because of his hilarious social media posts and lovable personality. Oh, and he has also come in as 250/1 outsider for Sports Personality of the Year. Of course, the boxing side of things could be questioned, but Allen believes he can be a real nuisance for other prospects coming through such as Daniel Dubois and Joe Joyce.

One name that keeps popping up, however, is Australian Lucas Browne. The former WBA Champion is undoubtedly a name in the heavyweight division but was brutally taken out by Dillian Whyte earlier in the year.

Big names that Allen has faced in the past have generally been ones he is vastly expected to lose. Perhaps it is not so different with Browne, but Whyte certainly exposed vulnerabilities in Browne and there is something about him that just makes you think he can do it. The self-proclaimed, Doncaster De La Hoya, blasted out Samir Nebo on Saturday, something he said he needed to do in such fashion if he is to get the Browne fight.

Browne, himself, fights at the end of November meaning it will not happen next, however one more win for the each of them could set up a big fight early next year. The contrasting styles are very interesting. You have Browne who is undoubtedly there for the one big punch. Then you have Allen who never stops going forward and is tough as nails. However there’s a big spanner in the works: Browne has, this week, called out Polish prospect, Adam Kownacki. The biggest problem there, I believe, is that Browne will not earn big dollar for that fight, whereas with Allen you know he will. 

The biggest question is: how far does Allen really go in his career? On paper, he is just another domestic heavyweight trying for as many big fights as he can.

Popularity, of course, is Allen’s main benefit. Getting big fights is one thing, but actually winning them is another. The White Rhino has not done that so far but there is no doubt that they were ones he should not have been in. Obviously, we cannot blame him for that. Although the fact he took a fight with one of the most dangerous men on the planet in Luis Ortiz for peanuts shows he is a complete nutter. That said, if the Browne fight got made, and he genuinely won, people wouldn't have any other choice but to actually take him seriously.

Where he would go from there I have no idea. But there is just something extremely beautiful about a domestic heavyweight boxer from Yorkshire, randomly calling himself the Doncaster De La Hoya, and proving a load of people wrong with a big fight.

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